Bending techniques that avoid rippling

Tubing can be bent to consistent radii with no distortion because of its symmetrical nature, but several things must be taken into account in order to avoid rippling. In this post we will explain how it occurs in bending and tube ring rolling, and what material should be used to avoid it. Once the material has been decided on, the right machine, methods, and tools must be used to avoid distortion. Continue reading

Choosing the right drill bits for tube drilling

To drill any satisfactory hole in materials, the correct drill bit must be used. Sometimes it needs to be sharpened in order for it to perform correctly. The harder the material the more likely this is. At Multiform Tubes we specialise in tube drilling, providing products to suit an array of needs, whether it be at home or used in industrial applications like oil rigging. Continue reading

Metal erosion is no friend to your heat exchangers

As specialists when it comes to altering tubes, it should not surprise you too much that we practice a plethora of first class techniques to present you with suitable products. Using the likes of tube swaging, in addition to other methods, we alter your tubing in such ways that it is able to carry out its intended function. Whatever your requirements, our team will do everything in their power to ensure that they’re met. Continue reading

Why is it so important for casing crews to identify tubing?

We use tubes for numerous purposes due to their strength and durability. One tubing characteristic that stands out from the rest however is flexibility, something that we seek to take full advantage of. Specialising in tube expansion, in addition to a series of other manipulation techniques, we modify your products in such ways that make them suitable for their intended use. Continue reading

Suitable stainless steels for food processing industries

Tubes can serve all sorts of purposes, but before they can do so, they have to be moulded into the proper shapes and sizes. Experienced in performing a multitude of tube modification techniques, including the likes of tube reduction, we can alter your tubing in ways that allows it to fulfil its intended roles. Appropriate for tubes that are comprised of numerous materials, our techniques are the ones you can rely on. Continue reading

The traits that make titanium tubes so desirable

Tubes are utilised in various applications across the world and for good reason. The potential that they possess for customisation is unmatched by many other materials, making them the top picks for industries that require components with a fair degree of flexibility. Experienced in performing all sorts of tube manipulation techniques, our team is the one to call if there’s something specific you have in mind for your own products. Continue reading

Aluminium tubing is a leading choice for compressed air systems

Specialising in a diverse array of tube bending services, we are exactly the right people to visit if you need tubing altered in any way. Aside from steel tubes, we can work with various other materials too, including the likes of copper, brass, titanium, and aluminium. No matter how specific your requirements are, we will do everything we can to ensure that they are met. Continue reading

There’s no plumbing like brass

Thanks to our long years serving the public with our specialist work, we have risen to become one of the country’s foremost tubing companies. Utilising a horde of techniques, including the likes of tube ring rolling, we make it our goal to deliver a product that meets all of the necessary criteria. Suitable for tubes comprised of copper, aluminium, brass, and titanium, our methods can fulfil a multitude of requirements. Continue reading