Should we use aluminium tubes instead of copper ones for air conditioning?

If you’re looking for reliable and professional tube manipulation services, you’ve come to the right place. We are a team capable of meeting all your specifications. As a leading specialist, we can use our talents to craft the perfect utensils for you using copper, aluminium, steel, and other materials. It is possible to use these tubes for all kinds of industrial and domestic purposes. This can include air conditioning and much more. Continue reading

The world of bending differs for tubes and pipes

Tubes and pipes are both tubular products. They’re meant for moving the likes of steam, air, gas, fuel, and water. In addition, they serve purposes in construction, working as railings and columns. Tube bending services are appropriate for both. Although, there are differences between the two. These distinctions dictate capabilities. They also have an impact on if finishing processes such as threading will be viable. What we are going to do here is look more closely at these two utensils and how bending differs between them. Continue reading

A look at developed length

Metal tubing is useful for so many different applications. You can expand this even more with techniques such as tube swaging, bending, and expansion. They can adapt the tubes in all kinds of different ways, such as creating curving sections or opening the ends. As a result, a simple piece of tube can become a component for furniture, vehicles, and much more. Continue reading

Titanium tubing serves the mining industry well

Tube expansionOne of the most common materials for tubes is titanium. It is a fantastic metal that is useful for many applications. Mining is an interesting industry that relies on it. There are a number of reasons and benefits to titanium use here. We want to have a look at them below. Afterwards, if you need services like tube expansion to adapt it, you can rely on us. Continue reading