The building industry cannot do without aluminium tubes

Tube reductionManipulating tubes is a delicate process that requires a great deal of skill as well as the right methods. Our business can offer great services you can rely on. One of them is tube reduction. As the name implies, here we reduce the tube’s size towards its ends. This makes it suitable for lots of uses. Because of how useful it is, this has become a popular service to say the least. Continue reading

Tube bending is important to forestry machines

People are constantly looking for the best tubes on the market. What some don’t know is that many products require a bit of work before they are suitable for the application. To assist them, we use our top tier tube bending services. These are some of the most professional solutions you could ask for. They also provide results that you will really appreciate. Continue reading

Avoiding rippling with tube ring rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering is the home of a vast range of services. Our specialist team has a great deal of experience in the tubing industry. Thanks to this, we can support a huge number of clients with their needs. This includes areas such as automotive, construction, fabrication, medical, and furniture. The manipulation services on offer include work like tube ring rolling, swaging, and more. Continue reading

Basic principles of tube expansion to consider

Tube expansion is based on principles of engineering that involve plasticity and elasticity. You need good knowledge of both to ensure you can get the right finish. It is also important to reduce the wall of the tube by the exact percentage in order to attain a proper tube joint. At Multiform Tubes we have the knowledge, skills and experience to do this. As a result we can cater for a wide array of needs. Continue reading