Don’t use your tubes incorrectly

Our tube drilling service has proven itself to be invaluable to industry and domestic sectors. Also, our technicians have the best training and a reputation as some of the top specialists in the country. We are very familiar with the technique for drilling tubing. Therefore, you can expect us to deliver quality results each time. Continue reading

The trouble with having so many stainless steel grades

Multiform Tubes has quite the reputation for our tube expansion abilities. In truth, we offer many services like these. However, they all have something that makes them unique. With this method in particular, the team employs numerous strategies to open the tube end. When the tubing is adapted you can do several things with it, including fitting pieces snugly together. Continue reading

Tubes can buckle when bent

Everyone needs a reliable service if they require tube manipulation to adapt tubing. We happen to be a company that provides this. You may not believe that your industry is one that will need such services. However, it would surprise you to know just how versatile they are. We can create products for a range of uses. Continue reading

Reasons why you should use aluminium tubes for compressed air systems

Sometimes, you can’t use standard tubes for your projects. Instead they may need some extra work to adapt them. To get tubing into the shapes our customers desire, we use several specialist techniques. One of these is tube swaging. It is a rotary process that is great for reducing, increasing or reshaping the inner diameter of a tube. As a result it has many uses. Continue reading