The major causes of tube leakages

We are a company that has spent years serving the tubing industry. As a result, we’ve accumulated an incredible amount of experience. This is something we’ve used effectively to become one of the country’s foremost creators of quality tubes. Using tube expansion as well as a range of other techniques, we supply unique products that serve distinct purposes. Continue reading

Avoid twisting when rolling

Tube ring rolling allows us to create bespoke tubing for a wide array of different applications. The tubes can be adapted so they curve various degrees, from gentle curves and semi-circles to complete rings or even coils. Our team have a wealth of skills and can cater for various requirements, including round and square tubes as well as bars. Continue reading

Brass and bronze aren’t the same

The comprehensive tube drilling solutions we provide enable us to obtain a precise hole with relative ease. For the best possible results, we also utilise clamps. This prevents your product from bending or turning while we’re working on it. With our assistance, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, money, and effort. Continue reading

Which steels can we class as food grade?

We are a business that adapts tubes for use in a number of industries. However, we don’t supply just any old product. What our team does is use a series of specialist techniques to alter the tubing so that it matches your needs. One of our many talents is tube reduction. We achieve tight tolerances and ensure the ends of the tubes are the perfect size. Continue reading