Should I choose tube joints or coupling?

Finding the right solution for joining sections of tubing together can be tricky. There are a number of options and you may struggle to decide which is best for you. However, in each case you need to think about what you need. This will help you to choose a suitable method. As one of the leading providers of tube reduction in the UK, we know why this is often one of the best methods. Continue reading

Avoiding unnecessary limitations and costs

As far as tubing goes, there is no company out there that is more skilful than us. We use our expert tube bending services to produce a variety of different items. Great examples include chair frames, shop fittings, and railings. In addition, we can work with a myriad of different materials. These include steel, copper, and titanium. That means clients can trust us to create many things for them. Continue reading

The best reasons to opt for tube swaging

There are many ways to adapt tubing to suit different needs and applications. For example you can opt for bending, ring rolling, reduction, or expansion. In addition you could opt for tube swaging if you need it. Multiform Tubes Ltd offers all of these services and has the skills to deal with many different metals. Clients can therefore rely on us to achieve their goals. Continue reading

Think about rates of work hardening with different materials

Our ability to work with a wide variety of tubes has made us a market leader in the UK. We have the skills to adapt various types of metal tubing, including alloys of copper, steel, aluminium, and much more. One area where we excel is tube expansion. We can provide this to help clients create tight fitting joints as well as various other tube ends. Continue reading