The transport sector is immensely large, including various types of vehicle and the essential infrastructure that allows them to move around safely. In both of these areas various types of metallic tubing are utilised to great effect.

Every kind of vehicle you can think of will make use of tubes in one way or another. They are widely employed in seat constructions because they are lightweight and highly durable. Safety railings are made from them for these same reasons. There are even a number of unexpected uses including in masts on boats.

Before any of these vehicles can be used though, they need to be manufactured. Tubes can play a very important role throughout this stage, being utilised in conveyor belts, hydraulic lifting equipment, and various other tools too. Without these products manufacturing would be trickier and the array of different vehicles far smaller. The costs would also be higher.

When vehicles are finished and ready to be used they are reliant on a great deal of infrastructure to function safely. Tubes are used to create much of this too. Think of sign posts, traffic lights, and even radio masts. All of them can make use of tubing in their designs.

As you can see the transport industry makes really extensive use of metallic tubing, relying on the properties of different materials and the multitude of different design options. At Multiform Tubes we can cater for these requirements with our wide array of products and professional services. We are committed to delivering the very best tubing for every application.

We do all manufacturing in house, using our extensive experience and high quality equipment to produce market leading products. When you order from us you can expect us to meet your criteria with precision every time, supplying tube that meets the highest standards. We check each piece with care and only provide ones that gain our approval.

If you are looking for bespoke tubes for use in transport applications we are the provider for you. Whatever your needs we will satisfy them and deliver a first rate service.