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Rotary swaging is low cost and enhances strength

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we make great use of a number of techniques to adapt tubing. As a result we can offer services to suit a wide array of projects. One thing we can do is provide first rate rotary tube swaging. It can reduce the wall thickness and increase the inner diameter of a section. Plus, with skill and the right tooling, it can change the shape of the ID. Continue reading

Why do people use titanium for cycling applications?

With years of experience to draw on, our team is the best with various forms of tube manipulation. We have a particular talent for tube ring rolling work. By using this technique, we are able to create the best tubes and ensure that they meet all of your specifications. The services we offer are appropriate for numerous sectors too, including industrial and domestic. Continue reading

Why do different tube materials lead to corrosion?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd excels at providing unique tubes capable of satisfying every client. We do this by offering expert tube drilling and numerous other services. Our team is capable of working with numerous materials too, understanding each one and what makes them special. As a result, we are more than capable of adapting the tubes in the necessary ways. Continue reading

How much wall reduction is necessary?

Tight tube joints are necessary on all kinds of projects. For example, they are vital for pipe lines that will carry any kind of gas or liquid. The goal here is to ensure there is no risk of a leak or rupture. A joint is just as important though with products like handrails, bicycle frames, and furniture. Here they have to provide stability and avoid weak points. To get the right joints you may need tube expansion. Continue reading

Make sure you don’t ruin your food-grade stainless steel

The team at Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd are experts when it comes to tube reduction. With years of experience, we can create specialist tubing for use in a number of industries. What we do here is reduce the tube diameter at the end section. You can then easily create external and internal flush joints. This can be useful for lots of different projects. Continue reading