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Hydraulic tubing is essential to industrial operations

Hydraulic systems are important to all kinds of industrial procedures. They depend heavily on the reliability and efficiency of their tubes. Among the available materials for hydraulic tubing, steel manages to stand out. We want to explore the plethora of benefits it offers. We will go over its applications, properties, and advantages. Then, if you need services like tube expansion for these products, you can rely on us. Continue reading

How do marine-grade and food-grade steels differ?

There are many materials out there made for particular purposes. Stainless steel is no exception, so much so that there are several variants. These include food-grade and marine-grade, both used in tubing. What we are going to do is discuss the differences between these specific grades. Once you know them, you will be able to buy the correct tubes for your projects. In addition, you can come to us for things like tube reduction. Continue reading

Why do performance vehicles use aluminium header tubes?

Car enthusiasts and performance aficionados want to get as much efficiency and power from their engines as possible. The header tube is one vital component that can massively impact these elements. What we’re going to do is provide a deep dive of them. In particular, we’ll explore aluminium ones to cover their function and benefits. Then, if you need services like tube manipulation, we can help. Continue reading

Protecting mild steel tubing from corrosion

The cost efficiency and versatility of mild steel tubing makes it viable for auto and construction projects. That being said, it is vulnerable to corrosion when you expose it to moisture. If left alone, rust can undermine the structural integrity and shorten the tube’s lifespan. What we intend to do here is discuss ways in which you can fortify your steel against this issue. You can use them in various situations, even if you get tube swaging and other services. Continue reading

There are many ways to polish titanium

After you finish fabricating titanium tubing and other components, whether you use tube expansion, bending, or other techniques, the last step may be to polish the surface. This will give it a mirror-like finish. However, titanium polishing is tricky to pull off. It’s possible to do it using different techniques. What we want to do is discuss some of them to help you better understand the processes. Continue reading