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Why is water so useful for cooling?

Water pipe coolingMany industries rely on one kind of cooling system or another. It could be a simple loop to cool electrical equipment or a complex solution for oil and gas production. Either way, the key thing to remember is that it must effectively remove heat from components. There are lots of options in terms of the coolant. However, water pipe cooling tends to be the most common choice. There are several reasons why. Continue reading

Heat transfer efficiency with water pipe cooling systems

Heat can be a big concern in a number of industries. For example it could be power generation, manufacturing, chemicals, or one of many others. In each case the goal is to remove heat effectively from a process or piece of equipment. Water pipe cooling systems can allow this. They can supply cold water that can absorb heat and therefore cool essential components. Continue reading

Think about springback when you are rolling rings

When you work with tubing as often as we do, you learn what it takes to deliver the best results. The one variable we keep a very close eye on is springback. Failing to account for it can mean a final product is wrong. It can also mean spending more time on reprocessing. The best option, whether it is tube ring rolling or standard bending, is to get it right first time. Continue reading

Deburring after tube drilling

There are many reasons why someone may want to drill a hole in a piece of tubing. It could be to create a specific product like a heat exchanger or silencer. Or, it may be simply to mount a section of tube to create something like a handrail. Sometimes tubes need to be held in place so they can’t move around. This is common with plumbing. In any case, accuracy is very important with tube drilling. Continue reading

What tube end finish do you want?

A tube can be a very dynamic component, especially when you consider how many options there are for adapting and finishing it. You have the most choice in terms of the end forming. While a standard end may be fine, it is a good idea to remember there are lots of other choices. For example you may want to flare or expand it. Or, you may decide tube swaging or reduction is better for your needs. Whatever you choose, it is important you get a professional service. Continue reading

Maintaining the grain structure with tube reduction

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide an array of services to adapt tubing. Our team can work with different metals and have the right equipment to offer tube reduction, expansion, bending, and more. Our aim is to deliver the very best results every time. One way we do this is by taking care to protect the grain structure of the materials. This can preserve their mechanical properties and characteristics. Continue reading