Shop Fittings

Shops come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny boutiques to the largest supermarkets and warehouses. They also vary a great deal in terms of the goods and services they offer. Regardless of the differences, they all need to make use of the right shop fittings to be able to function.

Metallic tubes are used to create a vast array of different fittings and fixtures for shops. They provide big advantages due to the strength to weight ratio they offer. This means that people can enjoy durable, sturdy products that are still lightweight. On top of this, the tubing is generally cost-effective, particularly for bespoke designs.

Tubes and shop fittings

Tubing sees use in a wide variety of different shop fittings. This includes racks, railings and shelves. Even counter designs regularly utilise tubes. With each product, stability and longevity are important. As you can imagine the last thing a shop owner wants is to find their fittings are sagging or deteriorating. Quality components like tubes help to prevent this.

The fact that tubes can come in various sizes and shapes means they can satisfy all manner of requirements. To expand this further, professional manufacturshop fittingsers like us have the ability to adapt them in a number of ways. This includes with bending and manipulation services. This expands the array of uses they can fulfil and the design options even further.

Another great factor in favour of using tubes to create fixtures and fittings is that they can be highly decorative if required. It is possible to achieve this without compromising strength and stability. With the right products you can make your shop fittings stand out. As a result you can use them to attract customer’s attention.

Meeting even complex needs

At Multiform Tubes we can create bespoke tubing for use in all kinds of shop fittings. We are a long standing company with an excellent reputation for offering high quality products. With us, you will be able to achieve all of your criteria. Furthermore, you will receive a wonderful level of customer service. On top of this our prices are fantastic.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or want more information about the applications for our tubing please contact us.