At Multiform Tubes we provide the highest quality bespoke tubing to suit all manner of requirements. We have been involved in the manufacture of these products for many years and understand exactly what it takes to create the best ones. This has helped us secure a position as one of the leaders in our field.

The automotive sector is one in which our tubes can find a great deal of use. We can provide products for use as exhausts, roll cages, seat constructions, steering components, and even bracing for added strength. There are so many uses that clients can really benefit from our ability to provide bespoke tube.

We are proud to work with all manner of vehicle producers and private individuals too. We are confident we can create tubing for use in various types of vehicles, from cars to much larger commercial and industrial ones. In each case we will focus on quality and provide the best tubes we can.

Another huge benefit of coming to us for products is that we can work with different types of materials, including various steels, titanium and aluminium too. As a result this means we can provide products to satisfy your strength and weight requirements. It is important to consider the characteristics you need from the tubing and choose suitable raw materials in response. We can help you to do just that.

When we provide bespoke tubes we can offer standard pieces in various lengths and dimensions as well as catering for an array of special requirements. Amongst these we can provide bent, angled and curved parts, ring rolled pieces, and manipulate the ends via expansion or reduction. Whatever your needs we can cater for them and ensure the quality of the tube is retained regardless of the bending or manipulation criteria.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, the materials we work with, or the applications for tubing in the automotive sector please contact us. We will provide information and our professional advice.