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Think about what tools are best for the job

Tube swagingOur speciality at Multiform Tubes Ltd is primarily the manipulation of tubes. We don’t just work on them in one or two ways however. We use a plethora of techniques to achieve the right results. Among them, we have experience with tube swaging. Thanks to this, we can help create products like heating and furniture components, as well as transportation fittings and more. Continue reading

Dealing with thermal tube expansion and the factors involved

Tube expansionMost materials naturally expand when they are hot and contract with the cold. Pipes and tubes are no different. Purposely expanding pipes can be beneficial and make them better for many uses. For example, this can help them fit better with other products. Multiform Tubes Ltd are experts in tube expansion as well as many other manipulation services. This makes us the team you can depend on for your needs. However, our process does not use heat. Continue reading

Get the best out of stainless steel by avoiding the problems

All it takes sometimes is a professional and reliable team to assist you. This is definitely the case with tube manipulation. Since we are experts in this field, we can provide you with the most suitable tubes for the best prices. Manipulation is one of our most useful services and you will certainly find a use for it if you are working with tubing. Continue reading

Staying safe when tube drilling

There are safety concerns when people use any kind of tool or piece of machinery. Even if the users have a lot of experience, they need to consider safety. They also need to take care when they are working. As one of the UK’s leading names for tube alterations, we know about the specific hazards of working with metal tubes. We take them on board and offer the safest services. This includes things like tube drilling, bending, and end forming. Continue reading