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Creating stainless steel tubes for medical applications

Our speciality has and always will be the manipulation of tubes. Thanks to the services we offer, it is possible for clients to fabricate all sorts of items. For example, you can use our solutions for the likes of furniture and barriers. One of our most popular techniques is that of tube swaging. Here, we make the interior a different shape or size while keeping the exterior circular. Continue reading

Copper and aluminium tubing for heat exchangers

Tube manipulation is one of our most popular services due to how useful it is to a number of clients. There are all sorts of items you can create for use in an array of settings. Multiform Tubes has the skills to make lots of them. In addition, we use advanced machinery to ensure accurate and efficient results. We can work with steel and a range of other metals. Continue reading

Creating rings of square tube

At Multiform we have built a great reputation for our ability to create bespoke tubing products. Customers come to us with all kinds of requests and we always do our best to offer the right products. We have access to a huge array of different tools and machinery. Combine this with our wealth of experience and creativity, and we can cater for almost any need. Whether you need tube ring rolling, drilling, end forming, bending or manipulation, we can handle it. Continue reading