Tube Expansion

At Multiform Tube Ltd we are specialists in tube bending and tube manipulation. With years of experience we are one of the UK’s leading Tube manufacturers, and we have built an outstanding reputation for our tube manipulation services. Tube manipulation provides a wide range of services and is used to create railings, barriers, furniture, refrigeration, heating, public transportation fittings and many more tubular products.

Our tubes are used in both domestic and industrial sectors and provide top quality tubing services. The tube manipulation equipment we use is all state of the art and is suitable for many different materials, from copper to steel.

Our manipulation services include tube expansion. Tube expansion consists of using a variety of methods to open the tube end allowing it to be used for many uses and giving snug, leak proof fit on to other tubes. Tube expansion can be achieved by two different methods; the first is ram forming expansion. This first method uses a tapered, dedicated die, which works as a mould. This die is then forced into the end of the tube under substantial pressure then retracted out of the tube, leaving an expanded tube end. The die is a set, formed size and diameter meaning it can only create set diameters for specific tubes.

The second expansion method uses a hydraulic operated expanding die. This die is segmented, which when opened, the finger style segments can be expanded to a variety of diameters and lengths. This option gives much more flexibility on size and range. The hydraulic die can be opened as much or as little as you like giving a much more specific measurement. Tube expansion can be performed on most metals and can be generally expanded up to 150/160mm in diameter and 5/6 mm in thickness.

Tube expansion offers a versatile method of providing tight fitting joint. At Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide a wide range of quality tube expansions, with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team we can take on any job with the same top quality work and customer service.