Tube Expansion

Multiform is a specialist establishment that offers tube bending and manipulation. We have become one of the UK’s leading tube manufacturers as a result of our years of experience. We have built an outstanding reputation for our services, especially tube expansion. Our work is perfect for creating barriers, furniture, refrigeration, heating, as well as many more tubular products.

Superb tube expansion

Our tubes are suitable for use in domestic as well as industrial sectors. The tube manipulation equipment we use is all state of the art. Consequently, we can provide top quality tubing services. The work we complete is suitable for many different materials, such as: brass, titanium, copper, steel, hydraulic tube and aluminium. We work with several grades of these metals, including mild steel, stainless, and food grade stainless steel.

tube expansionOur manipulation services include tube expansion. This consists of using a variety of methods to open the tube end. This allows people to use it in numerous ways and gives it a snug, leak proof fit on to other tubes. There are two different methods for achieving this; the first is ram forming expansion.

This method uses a tapered, dedicated die, which works as a mould. Substantial pressure forces the die into the end of the tube. This then retracts out which leaves an expanded tube end. The die is a set, formed size and diameter. This means that it can only create set diameters for specific tubes.

The second expansion method uses a hydraulic operated expanding die. This die is segmented and when opened, the finger style segments can be expanded to a variety of diameters and lengths. This option gives much more flexibility in size and range. You can open the hydraulic die as much or as little as you like. This gives a much more specific measurement. You can perform expansion on most metals and generally expand them up to 150/160mm in diameter and 5/6 mm in thickness.

Leading tube experts

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we provide a wide range of quality services. For instance, tube expansion offers a versatile method of providing a tight fitting joint. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team can take on any job with the same top quality work and customer service. We work with any shape of tubing, including round, square, oval, and rectangular.

Contact us if you want to work with the Multiform team. We would also be more than happy to tell you all about how we operate.