The fabrication industry is incredibly diverse. It is therefore not surprising that companies and individuals involved in it utilise a wide array of different materials and products to create their finished items. Bespoke tubing has many uses and can satisfy an astonishing number of requirements.

At Multiform Tubes we are very proud to provide bespoke metallic tubes to the fabrication industry. We can work with a variety of different raw materials, understanding their characteristics and what it takes to create first rate products. This experience also means we can adapt standard tubing, bending or manipulating it to suit various needs.

The great thing about our tubes is that we can deliver them ready to be assembled to create a much larger product. We provide drilling, end forming, and various other services to allow this. Regardless of the process we will keep a close eye on quality and deliver incredible accuracy.

Alongside this we can provide tubes to be used to facilitate the fabrication process. They can be employed to protect the housing of wiring, for use in tools, and as parts for a variety of machinery. There are many different applications in this sense too, further expanding the number of different tube uses.

We are proud to work closely with our clients to ensure we address their needs and deliver the right products. This is even more important when it comes to fabrication because there are typically tight tolerances to stick to. As a result a measurement being out by just a fraction of a millimetre can cause big problems. Fortunately our professionalism and attention to detail means this is not a worry.

If you are looking for a dedicated tubing producer with experience supplying to the fabrication industry we are the company for you. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and discuss your needs.