Tube Swaging

Here at Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide specialist tube bending and manipulation services for a wide range of industries. Tube manipulation and bending is invaluable for a huge range of purposes in a variety of sectors. Tube bending and manipulation can create a wide range of products from railings, barriers, furniture, refrigeration, heating, public transportation fittings and other tubular products. Our tubes are made from a variety of materials including copper, brass and steel, all of which are ideal for tube bending and manipulation. We are experts in tube manipulation and offer a wide range of manipulation services including; Tube bending, Tube end forming, tube beading, tube reduction, tube expansion, tube swaging, welded fabrication, tube drilling and tube ring rollering.

Our tube swaging is a process of rotary swaging, which is the hammer forming process for the reduction cross-section of solids, tubes and wires. Rotary swaging produces circular concentric reductions or regular forms, such as Hexagonal, octagonal and squares, on one or both ends of a tube, or right the way through a tube. This in turn can make the inner tube a different shape while the outer remains circular and can increase or decrease the diameter of a tube.

The process of tube swaging involves inserting a die inside the tube and hammering rapidly. This die opens and closes rapidly creating the shape. Rotary swaging works on the same principles as the latter but the die rotates. The benefits of Tube swaging are short cycle times, allowing your finished product to be ready quickly and efficiently. Good surfaces finishes, swaging allows smooth, circular finishes on the exterior, no matter what the shape is on the interior. Tight tolerances and no material loss, as swaging uses a impact process as opposed to cutting, integral strength remains the same. This adds to an increased wall thickness and minimum notch effect.