Tube Reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we are specialists in tube bending. We have many years of experience in the industry and as a result, are able to produce tubes for a wide range of sectors. This includes the furniture, automotive, fabrication, construction, and medical sectors. Our manipulation services cover a range of jobs including tube reduction.

This is similar to tube tapering in which the tube is reduced in size towards the end of the tube. Tube end reduction can be useful in a range of applications. This includes providing internal and external flush joints as well as many more uses.

Our tube reduction can be incredibly helpful

tube reductionTube end reduction tends to be performed on either rotary reducing machines or hydraulic end formers. Rotary reduction has many benefits. For example, there is no interruption to the grain structure and this ensures no loss in integral strength. The work pieces can be in a hot or warm condition and this makes them ideal for heavy wall components.

Rotary reduction also can tube layer, in which tubes of different materials can be reduced together. This creates a sandwich effect. This can increase strength while allowing the use of certain materials. Hydraulic end forming uses a static forming die and clamps with can form tubes up to a 5.5″ diameter. This is far greater than what can be achieved by rotary reducing. With both reduction techniques, wall thickness can go up to 5mm, unless reduction is by hot rotary.

Working to excellent standards with every job

We can produce tubes in a wide spectrum of materials. You can choose from mild steel, stainless steel, food grade stainless, hydraulic, copper, aluminium, titanium, brass, and others. Each of these materials gives a different specification of strength, durability and appearance. We can manufacture our tubes in round, square and oval shapes. This allows for the widest range of use for our hardwearing tubes.

We are experts in our field of tube bending with many years of experience in our field. We aim to complete any job we get to the highest of standards which includes tube reduction. This ensures superb quality of work and excellent customer service. Get in touch with our team today if you have an interest in our services. We would also be more than happy to answer any questions about our work.