Coil Work

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the most successful tubing specialists in the UK. We provide a wide range of services, including tube bending, manipulation, expansion, reduction, and ring rolling. One service we are offering more and more is coil work. We can effectively bend a length of pipe or tube into a helical spiral so it is capable of meeting various needs.

What is coiling?

This is a mechanical process where a straight length of the tube is bent to create a spiral. The machines must be precise and the operator needs to ensure the spirals are tight but don’t damage the shape of the tubing. Users can opt for a single coil or choose a nest of two or more. The user can also select the pitch of the coil, deciding between a shallow or deep spiral. The coils can be made from different tubing, allowing a lot of choice in terms of diameter, wall thickness, and length.

The coiling process

copper coil workThere are several different ways of creating coil work. Firstly is to use a spinning drum that the length of tube coils around. The tube must be guided with care to create a spiral.

The second option is to use a two-disc coil bender. This machine is similar to the spinning drum but it coils the tube around a spindle. It is the best method if you are dealing with long lengths of tubing or pipe.

A third option is to use a three-roll bender. This manual machine has three rollers to bend the tube. The first two guide the pipe and then the third applies force to adapt the tubing. If you add a lateral force the tubes can shape into a spiral.

Another option is to use a helical coil spiral and pitch rolling bender. This machine is similar to the three-roll bender. It has the three rollers to bend the tube and a second set to control the lateral force.

There are also other machines available. They tend to have more rollers so they give the operator more control.

Uses of coils

Demand for coiling is very high because there are so many different uses for the products. In fact, they are now used in a wide array of industries. The potential applications for coils include:

  • Heat exchangers – evaporator or condenser coils
  • Distillation equipment
  • Piping for oil, chemicals and water

Coil work for various materials

Coil WorkAt Multiform Tubes, we can coil tubing made from various materials. This includes copper, different types of steel, and aluminium. We take great care, providing specialised services that ensure the right finish. Whether you need thin or thick wall tubing, want short or long coils, or need a specific diameter, we can offer the right service for you.

Contact us today to find out more about our coil work solutions. We are confident we have the equipment and experience to cater for any needs.