Why engineered tubes are preferred for fuel systems

Manipulating tubes in order to satisfy customer specifications is our area of expertise, having always produced the best results possible for their benefit. Utilising numerous methods, with tube expansion being a prime example, we manufacture tubing in such a way that it can complete its intended task without fail. Useful for both the commercial and domestic sectors, our tubes are some of the most versatile products out there. Continue reading

The most common places to find steel tubing

As experts in the field of steel tubing, it’s only right that we are well versed in the various techniques required to alter them. With a wide array of skills like these, we are able to satisfy a massive number of customer requirements, all of which are met to a great standard. No matter what you ask of us, be it bending, tube reduction or anything else, we will go the distance to ensure that your requests are fulfilled. Continue reading

Making considerations for the articulating balls

With years of experience and the positive testimonies of past clients behind us, we have become one of the best providers in the country when it comes to tube manipulation. Acting with professionalism and utilising the most up to date technology, we never let our clients down. Whatever your request, we will go the extra mile to ensure that the job is done right. Continue reading

The ideal bend requires adequate tooling

Altering tubes to suit the client’s specification is something that we have always been good at and we have the positive testimonials to back this up. Thanks to our years of experience, we have become something of an authority on the subject of tube ring rolling, with this service never failing to please customers. Suitable when looking to create tubing for a specific purpose and possessing immense potential, our work is something you should consider investing in. Continue reading

Will tube swaging be replaced by fabrication methods?

Of the many manipulation services we offer across many industries tube swaging is one of the most in-demand. The process, as many of you will be aware, involves the transformation of the shape and diameter of a piece of metal tubing. This is carried out to ensure that the length of tube is shaped to be fit and perfect for the purpose it’s required for. Continue reading

Why is tubing popular for clothing racks?

Tubes come in numerous different sizes and shapes, and the sectors in which they find use are just as expansive. Since this is the case, we often find ourselves updating our tube bending services in order to fulfil our client’s specifications. Thanks to all of these opportunities, our skills have grown to a level where we can produce superb results with our tubing every time. Continue reading