Let the bit do the work with tube drilling

The crucial thing when working with thin walled metal tubing, regardless of the material it is made of, is to ensure you don’t use too much downward pressure. If you do it could cause the tube to buckle, resulting in a dent and poor quality finish. It is better to let the bit do the work when you come to tube drilling, allowing it to eat slowly through the material rather than trying to force it. Continue reading

Successfully managing heat inputs

As the years have gone by, our company has had the privilege of serving a myriad of different industries in meeting their tubing requirements. Using the likes of tube swaging, in addition to a number of other manipulation techniques, we have the means to fulfil a selection of customer specifications. Excellent for when you need a smooth, circular finish, our swaging abilities are ones that you can rely upon. Continue reading

The three ways to control sensitisation

For those who do not know of us, our speciality comes in the form altering tubing to suit a variety of specifications. With techniques such as tube expansion we are able to alter tubes so that they can fulfil their intended purpose. With state of the art equipment suitable for working on a variety of materials, we have the potential to meet a multitude of requirements. Continue reading

The standard water supply tubing for modern homes

Tubes are incredibly versatile components possessing the potential to be shaped into countless unique designs. We are a company that specialises in altering them into these differing shapes, using techniques like tube reduction. Therefore, the next time you need your tubing to meet some rather special requirements; your first step should be to contact us. Continue reading

Achieving the best results with the right machinery

If you have been struggling to find tube manipulation services that can provide you with what you need, then visiting our team should be your next step. Having conducted tubing operations for years, we have been able to build a reputation around our ability to produce the very finest of results for our customers. Whatever your specifications for the tubes, we will strive to meet them. Continue reading

Mild in name but not in nature

As experts when it comes to tube bending services, we employ a series of methods in order to satisfy the wide variety of customer requests we receive. Our products have been used for many purposes over the years, including the manufacture of chair frames, railings, shop fittings, and barriers to name some. Able to work with a number of different materials, we are the ones to call whenever your tubes are in need of bending. Continue reading

Is steel piping appropriate for hydraulic systems?

Having spent years working in the tubing industry, ours is a business that is intimately familiar with the myriad of applications for it. Offering clients a slew of alteration services, including the likes of tube ring rolling, we aim to alter your product into a form more fitting for its intended purpose. In the end, what we hope to bring you is a top quality, high performance design that meets all of your specifications. Continue reading

Advice for working with food-grade stainless steel

Having conducted tubing operations many times over, there isn’t much that our people cannot accomplish. Extensively trained and qualified in a slew of specialist services, including the likes of tube drilling, our technicians can help in meeting a host of unique requirements. Well priced and ideal for numerous applications, our services are ones you can rely on. Continue reading