The characteristics of different bending methods

The team here at Multiform is one that prides itself on being able to deliver top of the range tube bending services. Our assistance is useful for when you require tubing of a certain composition and don’t have the skills or machinery necessary to make it yourself. No matter what your specifications are, we intend to supply you with the products that you deserve. Continue reading

What is tube ring rolling?

Tube ring rolling is a process for forming seamless rings. Usually a pierced and headed ring is used as a raw part to be profiled and expanded using a rolling machine. Rotating dies are therefore used for this purpose. The diameter of the rings grows while maintaining a constant volume by reducing the height and wall thickness. Profiled rollers allow the production of shape ring cross sections. The process produces rings of diameters from 10cm to 10m. Cold rolling processes have been used since the 1980s, however hot methods are more common. Continue reading

How to tell when tubing needs replacing

Ours is a company that makes its profits by supplying clients with top calibre finishing services for tubes. Our services are broad, including things like tube drilling, bending, and end forming. Having spent years refining our techniques, we have reached a point where we can comfortably say that we’re able to meet any customer specification. If you require a specially made tube, we are just the people to help. Continue reading

The grades and recipes associated with titanium

Being the experts in tubing that we are, we conduct all sorts of specialist work for our customers. Depending on what your requirements are, we will employ one of several methods, including the likes of tube swaging, to produce something that falls in line brilliantly with them. Ideal for when you need distinctive tubing, the services we offer are ones you can trust. Continue reading

Tube expansion methods and issues

Durable, tight seating of tubes in tubesheets is vital in the manufacturing of boilers for conventional power generation, heat exchangers for steam generators, and pharmaceutical and food processing systems. When selecting the better method for tube expansion, manufacturers must look at factors such as speed, safety, operator skill requirements, cost, overall quality and repeatability. Continue reading

Bending techniques that avoid rippling

Tubing can be bent to consistent radii with no distortion because of its symmetrical nature, but several things must be taken into account in order to avoid rippling. In this post we will explain how it occurs in bending and tube ring rolling, and what material should be used to avoid it. Once the material has been decided on, the right machine, methods, and tools must be used to avoid distortion. Continue reading

Choosing the right drill bits for tube drilling

To drill any satisfactory hole in materials, the correct drill bit must be used. Sometimes it needs to be sharpened in order for it to perform correctly. The harder the material the more likely this is. At Multiform Tubes we specialise in tube drilling, providing products to suit an array of needs, whether it be at home or used in industrial applications like oil rigging. Continue reading