The rules surrounding a tube’s bend radius

For years, we have been a proud part of the tubing industry, using our talents and knowledge to provide clients with modified tubes that meet their every requirement. Specialising in tube manipulation, our team has assisted those who belong to both the industrial and domestic sectors, producing tubes for railings, public transport fittings, furniture, and much more. Flexible in our approach and capable of working with a wide variety of materials, you can count on us to get the job done. Continue reading

The part must be defined before you can bend

Tubing is utilised throughout the world for a substantial variety of applications. Be it for transportation, heating, or construction purposes, a tube can end up being the most valuable utensil you ever employ. However, a base design is often insufficient, requiring certain amendments before it can be put into play. This is where the likes of our tube bending services prove their worth; they can be used to fashion tubing into almost any shape you desire. Continue reading

Bending benefits both the pricing and design of tubes

Tubes are immensely flexible components it must be said, but it takes a professional to realise just how much potential they truly possess. Having worked with tubing for decades, our company has developed its skill set to the point where we can offer customers an enormous array of specialist services. Included amongst these is our tube ring rolling work, an ideal choice if you’re looking for accurate rings. Continue reading

The ways in which copper tubes aid heating systems

We are a business that prides itself on offering customers top of the range tubing alteration services. Using our talents in tube drilling, in addition to a plethora of other techniques, we supply you with products that are capable of meeting the specifications demanded by the tubing’s determined application. With advanced technology and some of the most skilled workers in the industry on our side, we can guarantee that you’ll receive nothing less than quality merchandise from us. Continue reading

Fabrication considerations for titanium tubes

Tubing is used across the world in various applications, but not always in its standard form. In order to accomplish its purpose in certain situations, a tube must be modified in the correct manner. Using the likes of tube expansion, as well as a menagerie of other methods, we are capable of providing you with the precise tubes that you need for your own endeavours. Continue reading

Where in hydraulic systems does tubing excel?

Tubes are components that are used by a diverse array of industries, including automotive and retail to name some. However, tubing may not be suitable enough as it is; it could require some amendments before being ready for use. Specialising in tube reduction, in addition to a plethora of other services, we are the people to contact if you need accurately adapted products. Continue reading

Tube manipulation and bending guide

Sometimes, even the most competent of engineers and designers are not completely aware of how tube manipulation and bending machines operate. They therefore miss out on certain opportunities and capabilities. Daily we receive requests for tube components which are complex in design because we have become known for the extensive knowledge and fantastic skills we possess. We would like to take this opportunity to make you are aware of what’s involved in the manipulation processes. Continue reading

The characteristics of different bending methods

The team here at Multiform is one that prides itself on being able to deliver top of the range tube bending services. Our assistance is useful for when you require tubing of a certain composition and don’t have the skills or machinery necessary to make it yourself. No matter what your specifications are, we intend to supply you with the products that you deserve. Continue reading

What is tube ring rolling?

Tube ring rolling is a process for forming seamless rings. Usually a pierced and headed ring is used as a raw part to be profiled and expanded using a rolling machine. Rotating dies are therefore used for this purpose. The diameter of the rings grows while maintaining a constant volume by reducing the height and wall thickness. Profiled rollers allow the production of shape ring cross sections. The process produces rings of diameters from 10cm to 10m. Cold rolling processes have been used since the 1980s, however hot methods are more common. Continue reading