How is steel tubing utilised to create bike frames?

Operating from our base in the West Midlands, we have worked tirelessly throughout the years to become a first-class provider of tube bending services. Thanks to the dedication and effort that we have put in, not only for our work but the customers as well, we are now widely considered to be one of the UK’s leading figures in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it though, as we are certain that our previous clients would be willing to provide positive testimonials about us. Continue reading

The role of steel tubes in the solar industry

Among the different forms of manipulation and bending that are undertaken here, tube ring rolling is a very commonly requested service from our customers. This process involves transforming a straight section of tubing into a circular design. One of the best aspects of the technique we use is that it gives constant curves while not flattening the tube, even with the strongest of materials. Continue reading

Excellence in tube swaging

Multiform Tubes is based in the West Midlands and works incredibly hard to deliver only the finest of tube swaging services to our clients. By working to alter the tubes, we can create models to fulfil applications in a plethora of different sectors. Whether you need the right tubing for railings, furniture or heating for example, we promise to produce fantastic results in a timely and professional manner. Continue reading

Reducing tubing with great precision

There are many different products that utilise tubes in their design, whether it is fencing, handrails, plumbing or heating systems. In each case the tubing needs to be durable so that it doesn’t bow, bend or warp. This can be difficult when long sections are needed. A solution is to utilise smaller sections of tube joined together to increase the strength and cut the amount of weight that each section is bearing. Continue reading

Excelling at tube drilling

Drilling holes in tubing is tricky, whether you deal with plastic or metal varieties. This is because the edge is curved rather than being flat, making it more difficult for the drill bit to bite into the metal and increasing the risk of slipping. Metals create additional challenges as a result of the hardness of the material. Continue reading