Is Aluminium Too Weak To Use As Metal Tubes?

Most people would be aware of the fact that aluminium is one of the most widely used forms of metal in the world today. The flexible nature of it means that it can be utilised in a vast array of applications, and in terms of metal it is second only to steel in terms of presence. Due to the way that most of us encounter the material a common perception is that aluminium is too weak a material to create tubes from, let alone carry out tube bending on. We can understand why someone would draw this conclusion, as the most usual encounter you would have with it is in the form of tinfoil or a drinks can. In terms of metal tubes, there are different alloys of the material which are thicker and more suitable to use. Continue reading

Tube end reduction is useful for decorative and functional needs

Tube end reduction (also known as tapering) is utilised for decorative and functional requirements. It allows the ends of a piece of tubing to be adapted in a number of ways, including reducing the diameter to create a tapered finish. The process takes care and precision but allows the tubes to be used for a wider array of applications. These include allowing individual pieces of tube to be fitted together to create a larger system. By slotting them together it reduces the risk of leaks. Continue reading

Ring rolling plays a vital part in industry

In some cases, our clients require their tubes to be shaped and manipulated into spiral or spring shapes. This is often needed in sectors such as vehicle or furniture manufacturing, or in the creation of heating systems. When these types of shapes are needed, we will carry out tube ring rolling to achieve accurate results and ensure our clients have access to the shaped components they need. Continue reading

Is titanium affordable?

When your construction or manufacturing work requires metal pipes to be used, it’s going to be the case that costs will significantly influence the choice of metal. Of all the factors which can affect business decisions in the present day, the ability to achieve the expected results at a lower cost is something which is perpetually sought out. In doing this, however, one must be very careful about the criteria used to measure lower costs. In this respect, we would always encourage people not to dismiss the idea of using titanium just on the basis of the initial cost. Continue reading

The wide array of tube manipulations

When tubing is manufactured each piece typically begins life as round hollow sections. These are referred to as mother tubes and additional processes are needed to transform them into the finished product. Cutting, bending, expansion and reduction can all be utilised to adapt a tube to make it suit the specifications of the client. The shape itself can even be adapted if necessary. Continue reading

Bespoke bent tubing for handrails

Bent tubes can be seen in a huge number of settings and situations, from heating systems to security barriers and vehicles. One place where they are very common is handrails, particularly for stairwells. The tubing is a good option for these settings because it is strong and sturdy so people can grip it as they make their way up and down the stairs. Continue reading

We are qualified to work with ERW tubes

ERW tubes are created using Electric Resistance Welding, a term which refers to a group of various welding methods including spot and seam welding. During the process, the heat needed to form the weld is produced by the electrical resistance of material, in combination with the time and force used to hold the materials together during the welding process. The technique produces seamless tubes which offer extraordinary strength and durability, making them a popular choice in a huge range of different applications. Continue reading

Efficient manufacturing with low waste

When carrying out tube manipulation, whether it is expansion, reduction, bending or ring rolling, it is important to minimise the level of waste. This provides many rewards for the business, ensuring materials are used efficiently and creating healthier margins. The practice is also good for the environment because it means fewer raw materials are left over and potentially being wasted. Continue reading

Vital components for the medical sector

For the most part, our tube bending services are associated with the construction and manufacturing industries. While the work we do in this regard is of great importance, there is another sector by which we are regularly engaged – the medical field. There are a number of areas in the world of medical treatment and assistance where our services play a vital role. Continue reading