Immense care is required whilst drilling metal

Situated in the West Midlands, ours is a business that possesses experience in a huge number of alteration techniques for tubing, including tube drilling. Tubes have a massively diverse nature, and it is this characteristic that we seek to take advantage of. That way we can provide our clients with products that meet their precise specifications. Suitable for the industrial and domestic sectors, our manufacturing and finishing talents are certain to serve you well. Continue reading

Both seamless and welded tubes possess unique benefits

Being the experts in tube alteration that we are, there isn’t much that cannot be accomplished by our team. Excelling in techniques like tube swaging, we make it our mission to produce tubing that meets your exact specifications. Steel might be the go to material when it comes to tubes, but you will be glad to know that we also work with a group of other substances, making ours quite the flexible service. Continue reading

A balance must be maintained

The best thing about tubing is that it possesses nearly limitless amounts of potential for modification. Using a cluster of specialist techniques, including the likes of tube expansion, our team aims to create products that are able to fulfil their appointed tasks and produce outstanding results. Suitable for the industrial and domestic sectors, our services are the ones you can rely on. Continue reading

Tubes and pipes aren’t as interchangeable as you think

Tube manufacturing is what we do best here at Multiform Tubes, having produced some top quality merchandise for our clients over the years. To help our partners in meeting their requirements, we alter the tubes in ways that enable them to carry out their intended task perfectly. Using the likes of tube reduction, as well as numerous other methods, we aim to develop tubing that is truly unique to you. Continue reading

Treat brass as you would any other ornament

As specialists when it comes to tube bending services, we make use of numerous methods in order to meet our client’s specifications. Be it for railings, chair frames, barriers or even shop fittings, our tubing is appropriate for all sorts of unique applications. Using up to date machinery, which is operated by some of the most highly trained individuals in the country, we strive to deliver products that you can be proud of. Continue reading

Let the bit do the work with tube drilling

The crucial thing when working with thin walled metal tubing, regardless of the material it is made of, is to ensure you don’t use too much downward pressure. If you do it could cause the tube to buckle, resulting in a dent and poor quality finish. It is better to let the bit do the work when you come to tube drilling, allowing it to eat slowly through the material rather than trying to force it. Continue reading

Successfully managing heat inputs

As the years have gone by, our company has had the privilege of serving a myriad of different industries in meeting their tubing requirements. Using the likes of tube swaging, in addition to a number of other manipulation techniques, we have the means to fulfil a selection of customer specifications. Excellent for when you need a smooth, circular finish, our swaging abilities are ones that you can rely upon. Continue reading

The three ways to control sensitisation

For those who do not know of us, our speciality comes in the form altering tubing to suit a variety of specifications. With techniques such as tube expansion we are able to alter tubes so that they can fulfil their intended purpose. With state of the art equipment suitable for working on a variety of materials, we have the potential to meet a multitude of requirements. Continue reading