Preparing aluminium tubes for painting

We are one of the country’s most respectable specialists when it comes to tube alteration services. The people we have on our team have no trouble producing products for our clients. For example, they can use tube ring rolling to bend standard designs into circular ones. The final result is versatile components that can serve you in a multitude of ways. Continue reading

Some thoughts to keep in mind when drilling stainless steel

Stainless steel has great corrosion resistance and as such, it is a popular choice in many sectors when they need tubes. However that being said, there are certain mechanical properties like heat resistance and high ductility which make it a challenge to work with. This is no problem for us though because we are experts in tube manipulation services. In this article you can learn about some of the factors it is important to keep in mind when you are completing tube drilling on stainless steel. Continue reading

Advice on stopping machine problems

If you have never come to us for bespoke tubes before, ours is a specialist establishment. We are responsible for providing everyone with dependable tube expansion services among others. Our efforts allow clients to construct all kinds of goods with their tubing. Additionally, there is less chance of them failing you due to the methods we employ. Continue reading

Supporting the tube during reduction

At Multiform Tubes we know all about the potential risks with tube reduction. The most significant ones are the chance of backup, bulging, or cave in. When reducing the diameter, it is easy for the tube to lose its shape. For example pressure on one side may cause it to bulge on the other. It is vital to avoid this so it can’t ruin the tube. Continue reading