What type of aluminium are you working with?

Steel tubing is popular for a huge number of uses, from pipelines to exhausts. However, some people will choose aluminium instead. It can offer some really good properties, such as high resistance to corrosion and heat, low weight, and high strength. But, if you want to use it for tubes, you need to think about the impact it will have on tube manipulation. If you don’t, you may have some issues. Continue reading

Adapting HVAC and refrigeration pipes

High quality tubing and pipes are essential if you need to create a HVAC or refrigeration system. You need them to transport gas or fluid to provide heating and cooling. However, straight sections of tube or pipe are not enough. Instead you may find you need tubing with curves, rings, coils, or even full corners. Luckily, we can help. We offer tube bending services to adapt various products so they can meet a variety of specifications. Continue reading

The diverse options for coiled tube or pipe

The great thing about metal tubing is you can adapt it in numerous ways. The alterations can create bends, angles, and more, meaning it is possible to use the tubes for even more products. At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we are proud to help with this. In fact, we are one of the leaders in our field thanks to our consistent, high quality services. We take care of everything, including tube ring rolling and more. Continue reading

Should I choose tube joints or coupling?

Finding the right solution for joining sections of tubing together can be tricky. There are a number of options and you may struggle to decide which is best for you. However, in each case you need to think about what you need. This will help you to choose a suitable method. As one of the leading providers of tube reduction in the UK, we know why this is often one of the best methods. Continue reading

Avoiding unnecessary limitations and costs

As far as tubing goes, there is no company out there that is more skilful than us. We use our expert tube bending services to produce a variety of different items. Great examples include chair frames, shop fittings, and railings. In addition, we can work with a myriad of different materials. These include steel, copper, and titanium. That means clients can trust us to create many things for them. Continue reading