Compensating for springback

Finding a dependable business to assist you can be difficult. However, our talents are highly respected amongst the community. Our focus at Multiform Tubes is on tube manipulation, using the skills we possess to fashion objects in unique ways. Possessing year’s worth of experience, you can expect nothing less than the best from us. Continue reading

There’s more than a single kind of copper

Our speciality comes in the form of working with tubes, but we don’t simply distribute them. We concentrate our efforts into altering the shape of these utensils so that they are in the correct state to perform their intended tasks. This is achieved by using expert techniques like tube drilling. Highly experienced in this and many other areas, you can rely on our team members to give you the results you desire. Continue reading

Machinery built for tube expansion

The process of tube expansion is the idea of increasing the end of a piece of tubing. This serves many purposes, including providing a leak proof fit. What’s advantageous when carrying out this process is the plethora of machinery available to help. Although you aren’t required to know, it is wise to be prepared especially if you require such services. Commonly, the machinery used ranges from semi portable, to vertical or horizontal, to tube end purposes. Continue reading

Can plastic tubing be re-sterilised as easily as metal variants?

The manipulation services we supply to customers cover a myriad of conversion techniques. Tube reduction is one of the most popular amongst them. Using it, we are able to meet a wide assortment of applications, including offering both exterior and interior flush joints. Always aiming for the highest of standards, ours is the team you can depend on to get the job done. Continue reading

The rules surrounding a tube’s bend radius

For years, we have been a proud part of the tubing industry, using our talents and knowledge to provide clients with modified tubes that meet their every requirement. Specialising in tube manipulation, our team has assisted those who belong to both the industrial and domestic sectors, producing tubes for railings, public transport fittings, furniture, and much more. Flexible in our approach and capable of working with a wide variety of materials, you can count on us to get the job done. Continue reading

The part must be defined before you can bend

Tubing is utilised throughout the world for a substantial variety of applications. Be it for transportation, heating, or construction purposes, a tube can end up being the most valuable utensil you ever employ. However, a base design is often insufficient, requiring certain amendments before it can be put into play. This is where the likes of our tube bending services prove their worth; they can be used to fashion tubing into almost any shape you desire. Continue reading