The impact of material hardness

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we provide a range of services to adapt tubing in different ways. For example we specialise in tube expansion, reduction and end forming. All three can help to create products with the correct ends to form tight joints, whether to other tubes or various fixtures and fittings. In addition, we can provide bending and various other types of manipulation to create bespoke tubing. Continue reading

Are copper tubes a good choice for air conditioning?

You have various choices if you need tube manipulation services. However, when you are looking for an expert team that achieves excellent standards of work, look no further than Multiform Tubes Ltd. Rest assured that with us, you will receive the high quality tubes you need along with great customer care. We love knowing that we have given you precisely what you need. This is why whether you need a copper or aluminium tube, a round or square one, you can trust us. Continue reading

Top tips for drilling metal tubes

Tube drillingMultiform Tubes Ltd is a team with a huge amount of experience in our field. As a result we can adapt tubing to suit almost any needs. We use several techniques to give our clients what they want. This includes bending, expanding, or reducing tubing. We also offer tube drilling to add precise holes when necessary. Continue reading

The difference between tube swaging and tube flaring

Tube swagingOne of the great things about tubes is you can use an array of different end forming techniques to get the finish you need. For example, you could use tube swaging to open the tube out so it can slide on to different fittings or other pipes. Another option is tube flaring to get a funnel shape opening. This can help you to create a strong mechanical joint. In addition, there is beading to create a lip at the end of the tube. This is great if the tube will connect to a hose. Continue reading

Consider wall thickness with tube expansion

Metal tubes come in various shapes and sizes. As a result they are suitable for a huge array of different applications. This includes continuous systems such as handrails or pipe lines. To make these you will likely need to be able to slot individual sections of tube together. You will also need to be able to attach them to other fittings and fixtures. One way to allow this is tube expansion. Continue reading

The building industry cannot do without aluminium tubes

Tube reductionManipulating tubes is a delicate process that requires a great deal of skill as well as the right methods. Our business can offer great services you can rely on. One of them is tube reduction. As the name implies, here we reduce the tube’s size towards its ends. This makes it suitable for lots of uses. Because of how useful it is, this has become a popular service to say the least. Continue reading