Aluminium Automotive Tube Bending Services

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Aluminium benefits

Aluminium Automotive Tube Bending ServicesThe auto industry is one that has its fair share of uses for aluminium. Examples include air conditioning, transmissions, electrical wiring, and the frame and body. Traditionally, people used steel tubing in their automobiles. However, since aluminium’s introduction, it has become a great alternative that offers a multitude of benefits.

For one thing, the metal can improve performance. Aluminium is lighter when you compare to steel. Cars made using it for the chassis have superior braking, handling, and acceleration. Also, the material’s rigidity gives drivers more immediate and precise control. Furthermore, aluminium’s malleability allows designers to manufacture different car shapes. These can be optimised for maximum performance and speed.

There are safety benefits here as well. Aluminium’s high tensile strength lets it absorb twice the amount of energy in car crashes than steel. So, you can use it to increase a motor’s size and ability to absorb energy in the back and front crumple zones. You’ll gain more safety without increasing weight.

Fuel efficiency is another benefit. Cars with aluminium components are lighter than steel ones. Their lightweight nature leads to more speed. Also, there isn’t any weight getting dragged behind, saving fuel. Similarly, when you use this material in hybrid heavy motors, fuel efficiency is very apparent.

Then there are the environmental benefits. It is easy to recycle aluminium. You need less energy to do so too. The metal also leaves behind little CO2 imprints if you compare to steel. Contact us if you need aluminium automotive tube bending services.

An array of uses

As we said above, there are lots of uses for aluminium tubing in automobiles. Let’s have a look at some applications next.

Tubes for air con systems are meant to distribute cold and hot air in vehicles. Aluminium is a great choice, more so for owners of specialised cars that need better flexibility in air duct tubing.

Another use for the tubing is as exhaust tubes. Usually they are folded spiral seam models comprised of high grade aluminium. Because of their temperature resistance, you can use them to route the exhaust gases effectively. Furthermore, their corrosion resistance gives extra protection from any aggressive agents.

Next, we have thermal insulators. High temperature insulating aluminium tubes safeguard heat-conveying lines. Also, they stop heat damage to adjoining components.

One other use for the tubes is as heat protectors. You make them by layering many aluminium alloys and other substances. The aluminium’s outstanding reflectivity on the exterior reflects radiant heat. What’s more, the insulating ability defends the interior content from heat. Such tubes have flexibility and you can crimp or fasten them easily at the ends.

We offer the best solutions for aluminium automotive tube bending services

One thing that sets our team apart from others is that we use the most advanced machinery and apply our extensive knowledge. When we offer any kind of service, we can alter tubes with wonderful accuracy. The results for clients end up being far superior to what they would have been otherwise.

So, get in touch today if you would like to start using our aluminium automotive tube bending services. We are happy to offer them to help clients create a huge selection of parts for vehicles.