Food grade stainless steel

Stainless steel first gained popularity for use in creating cutlery. The material was fantastic for this application because it is corrosion resistant, has exceptional hygienic qualities, and is strong. With so many great properties the number of different uses of the material in the food and drink industry quickly expanded. It is still very widely used today.

One of the best properties of food grade stainless steel is that the material does not react to the substances it comes into contact with. It won’t contaminate them, neither with flavours nor discolouration. This makes it great for creating everything from containers to processing equipment.

On top of the inert nature of the material it is also very easy to clean so that it will remain hygienic. The corrosion resistance enhances this because it means the material itself will not be damaged in the process of cleaning it. Add in the strength and you have components that will last and perform to a high standard.

There are various types of food grade stainless steel available. They offer slightly different properties depending on the additional elements that have been used in the alloy. These can enhance characteristics like the heat resistance, allowing the material to better suit the application. Additionally the differing grades have their own surface finishes.

The challenge with food grade stainless steel is the work hardening affect. When the steels are worked they become harder and more difficult to adapt further. This can create challenges when it comes to creating different shaped components. Additionally the material needs to be specially welded if it is required.

At Multiform Tubes food grade stainless steel is one material we have a lot of experience with. We provide bespoke tubing for companies throughout the food and drink industry, ensuring their requirements are met effectively. We have the skills to adapt the tube in a variety of ways and will provide precise, high quality finished products.