Titanium is another fantastic alternative to steels. The metal and its alloys offer tensile strengths similar to those that can be found with different grades of steel. At the same time the materials are low-density (approximately 60% of steel) so they offer big advantages when weight is an issue.

On top of the above characteristics titanium is also very strong, stiff, and tough. This means it is well suited for creating components to be used in the most demanding environments. To further this it has good corrosion resistance and has a lower thermal expansion co-efficient than both steel and aluminium.

One thing that makes titanium really stand out is its high melting point. It outperforms steel and aluminium in this instance too. This is why components made from the metal are so widely utilised in the aerospace industry and others where they will be exposed to super high temperatures.

Another advantage of the metal is that it is generally biologically compatible. It is non-toxic and can undergo passivation to increase protection against mineral acids and chlorides. This makes it very useful for various medical implants.

Titanium is also one of the poorest conductors of electricity. If copper is used as a benchmark and said to have 100% conductivity titanium would only offer 3.1%. It would fall behind both aluminium (30%) and stainless steel (3.5%). The material is therefore really good for settings when protection against electricity is required.

At Multiform Tubes we know all about the fantastic properties that titanium tubing offers and have a lot of experience working with it. We can provide our wide array of bending and manipulation services, altering the tubes effectively to suit different requirements. With each project we adhere to the very highest standards and provide products that tick all of the right boxes.

If you would like help choosing a material for your tubing please feel free to contact us. We will discuss the characteristics different metals can offer and give you our recommendations. We can also advise you about the difficulties of working with different materials.