Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. There are various types available depending on the exact ratio of the two elements and the addition of others. The alloys also have an impact on the exact properties that the material offers. With changes to the ratio come slight differences in the characteristics. There are currently over 60 different brasses to choose from.

High zinc brass is preferred for casting applications because it has a lower melting point. It also allows the material to create a protective oxide that will boost corrosion protection. Low zinc content on the other hand offers advantages when it comes to cold forming. This is preferred for the creation of tubing and similarly worked components.

Regardless of the exact alloy though, all brasses have a few properties in common. They are all valued for their machinability and the fact that the material can be adapted in numerous ways whilst retaining its strength.

Additionally the aesthetics of the material are appreciated. Brasses can range in colour from golden yellows to deep reds. This is why it is utilised for a number of decorative items, including bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Much like copper brass has good bacteriostatic properties and will not allow viruses, bacteria, or fungi to grow. This also contributes to it being a great material to use for creating products to be used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Two characteristics that make brasses really appealing are that they are spark and wear resistant. The latter means the material is really good for decorative items that will be widely used including railings and door knobs. The spark resistance means brass is great for settings where fire proofing is essential.

At Multiform Tubes we regularly work with brass tubing, adapting them in several ways to suit the requirements of our clients. We can offer products for use in a wide array of industries, fulfilling many different applications. Our team have the skills to work with brasses effectively and will deliver great quality.

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