Mild Steel / ERW

Mild Steel is one of the most popular materials used to make tubing. It is particularly favoured for ERW tubes because sheets of the material can be cold formed by rolling them. Once the ends meet they are welded together to create the finished tube. Both of these are possible because the metal is relatively soft in comparison to other steels.

A second benefit of mild steel for use in tubing is that it is less brittle than many other materials and has enhanced flexibility. This is because it only contains around 2 percent carbon. As a result the tube can be bent and adapted relatively easily. One thing to take note of is that the flex of the material means it is not suitable for structural requirements such as columns and beams.

The main reason mild steel is so widely used though is that it is relatively inexpensive. This is a big plus for manufacturers. Additionally as already mentioned it can be cold formed and welded easily; both of these also keep the cost down.

It is important to keep in mind though that mild steel has poor corrosion resistance. As a result the material needs to be painted, galvanised, or given a protective coating to enhance it. If the material is being used in a setting where corrosion will be an issue it must be finished properly to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

At Multiform Tubes we have a lot of experience working with mild steel. We understand what it takes to work with the material effectively and the effort that needs to go in to protect it. As a result we are well placed to offer bespoke tubing made from this kind of steel.

If you have any questions for us about our services or experience please contact us. We will be pleased to offer advice and share our knowledge. Customers can expect a great level of service from our highly knowledgeable team.