Copper has some very interesting properties. Several of these make it a really good choice for tubes. The most important of these is the fact that it has very good thermal conductivity. The only material better in terms of this is silver. However, people favour copper because it is far more cost effective. It is no surprise it is so widely used to create pipes for heating systems.

A wise choice for your needs


This metal scores very low in terms of reactivity. This translates into really good corrosion resistance. As a result, the material even more suited to use in heat and plumbing applications.

A third major benefit of copper is that it is easy to combine it with other materials to create an array of different alloys. There are several materials that would not exist without copper, like bronze and brass for instance. Each offers specific characteristics and can enhance the properties already provided.

Copper is also similar to stainless steel in that it will harden as you work it. This is beneficial with tubing for heating and plumbing systems. This is because the tubes need to be strong yet lightweight and relatively thin walled. By working the metal more it can be hardened and provide the required strength. This means that the wall thickness can be much lower.

A further advantage of this material is that it is antimicrobial. Bacteria, viruses and fungi that settle on the surface will be killed, leaving the material hygienic. This is why the metal sees regular use in hospitals as well as other areas where contamination is a concern.

Need quality copper tubes?

At Multiform Tubes, we know all about the wonderful properties that copper has to offer. We are very proud to work with the material to create bespoke tubing to satisfy various requirements. Our skills and equipment allow us to cater for the work hardening effect. As a result of this, we can produce precise, high quality products for our customers.

If you have any questions about our services and work with copper tubing, please contact us.