Hydraulic tube

Steel tubes are regularly used in hydraulic and pneumatic pressure systems. Different grades of the material are utilised, including a selection of alloys and carbon based steels. It is essential that the one that is chosen has the right characteristics, including being strong, durable, and heat resistant too. Stainless steel can even be used if corrosion resistance is an important characteristic.

Due to the fact that hydraulic tube is used to carry an array of different substances the tubing must be leak free. As a result seamless varieties are typically used. These are more reliable than welded forms because there is no seam to worry about. Additionally they have a higher strength as a result. The downside is the tubes are more expensive and must be adapted with great care.

Typically the steels used to make hydraulic tube are normalised (a special heat treatment). This helps to increase the flexibility so they are easier to work, facilitating various types of bending and manipulation. It accomplishes this by changing the microstructure of the steel, making it more ductile.

One of the most important things to keep in mind with hydraulic and pneumatic tube is that the inner diameter and surface needs to be precise. Any issues with either can cause big problems in this system. If the tubes need to be bent or adapted extreme care needs to be taken to preserve the internal surface finish and the diameter.

At Multiform Tubes we have the skills and equipment to work with various types of hydraulic tube. We understand how vital precision is and will provide each bend and adaptation to the tightest tolerances. As a result the finished product will suit your specifications and tick all of the right boxes.

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