Aluminium has become established as the second most widely used metal in the world, only trailing behind iron in terms of volume. This is not surprising because it offers such a wide array of fantastic characteristics. These mean it can fulfil a huge array of applications and make it a great alternative to steels.

The most celebrated property of aluminium is the fact it is lightweight. The metal has a density that is just a third of steel, making it incredibly light in comparison. This lightness does not affect the strength; it is still very strong and compares favourably with steel.

The second well known characteristic of the material that makes it great for a number of applications is its corrosion resistance. The metal reacts with oxygen on contact to create a layer of aluminium oxide around the exterior. This thin layer is dense and self-healing so it provides wonderful protection. It can be increased with anodisation too.

A third benefit of the material is that it can be easily worked and formed, requiring minimal energy to do so. This is a big benefit in terms of creating tubing. It also allows finished tubes to be punched, drilled, cut, bent, and manipulated in several ways. All of these can be accomplished cost effectively.

A final thing that really sets aluminium apart is that the metal does not become brittle at low temperatures. It actually becomes stronger in these conditions unlike other metals. This is great news in terms of tubing manufacturing because many of the processes are examples of cold forming.

At Multiform Tubes we regularly work with aluminium tubing, providing all manner of services for clients in various industries. We can adapt products in a number of ways to ensure they meet the specifications given to us. In each case we will keep a very close eye on quality and ensure the products we offer are the very best.

If you would like to learn more about the properties of aluminium or the array of services we can provide please contact us. As a knowledgeable specialist we can help our clients to choose the right material and ensure their designs are perfect.