Aluminium Tube Bending

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we work very hard to deliver the best tubing for each and every client. What we do is take standard pieces of tube and adapt them to suit various needs. We can bend the sections to create curves, tighter angles, or spirals. In addition we can provide everything from tapering to expanding the ends. One area where we really excel is aluminium tube bending.

All kinds of alloy

Aluminium Tube BendingAluminium tubes are great for various uses because they can offer a fantastic combination of high strength and low weight. They also provide great corrosion resistance, making them the best option for uses where corroding would be a concern. Incredibly though, the metal is still very workable, making it suitable for bending and other finishing.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are various alloys to choose from. They will all offer different characteristics and properties because of the elements in each alloy. Some of the alloys are harder to work with than others. This is important to keep in mind if you need tube bending.

Series 1xxx aluminium alloys are among the easiest to work with because they are 99% pure. Series 3xxx is probably the most popular to use when a project requires bending. The alloys contain manganese so they have better formability. On the other hand, series 2xxx aluminium contains copper and there are limits on the cold-formability. Even more problematic is series 7xxx. These alloys have zinc and magnesium or copper. While they are high strength, it makes bending very difficult.

The best aluminium tube bending solutions

Pipe Bending ServicesOur goal at Multiform Tubes Ltd is to offer the most reliable services. To do this we begin by ensuring our team have the most extensive knowledge. This includes details of how to work with different types of aluminium and how to ensure quality bends without damaging the tubing.

On top of the broad knowledge base we add the very best equipment. Our facility is purpose-built and we have made the right investments in quality machinery and tools. This includes top of the range tube bending machines.

Another thing that makes our service the best is we can effectively deal with different sizes and shapes of tubing. For example, we can work with round tube, including circular and oval. In addition, we can bend square and rectangular ones. The wall thickness can also vary.

Speak to us about tubing

We are a proud, long serving tubing specialist with happy customers all over the UK and beyond. If you need the very best aluminium tube bending, we can provide it for you. We have experience offering products for a wide array of applications. In addition, we are confident we can help our clients to design tubes for any new, challenging projects.

You can speak to us today if you would like any further information about us or what we do.