Aluminium Tube Drilling

One of the great things about metal tubing is it is possible to drill holes in it so it can become part of a larger product. Great examples include handrails, furniture, and even things like step ladders and barbecue frames. However, it is important to be precise here. Failing to do so can mean the holes are in the wrong place and even damage the tubing. Luckily, Multiform Tubes Ltd can help. We provide first rate services for any need. This includes the most reliable aluminium tube drilling.


We have built a great reputation for delivering high quality tubing. One of the reasons we have been able to achieve this is we always ensure the holes we drill are accurate. To do this, we carefully plan where they need to be. Then, we ensure the drill bit will seat properly so it doesn’t shift and create a hole that is slightly off where it should be. We also have excellent quality controls in place.

Surface quality

Aluminium Tube DrillingAnother thing clients love about working with us is that we go to great lengths to preserve the surface quality. A mistake during drilling can easily cause damage here. For example, the drill could slip and scour a line on the surface. Many manufacturers will use clamps to hold the tubing in place to avoid this. However, too much pressure on the clamps can also mark the surface of the tube. In the worst cases it can even deform the tube entirely.

We take care when clamping tubing in place to make sure we don’t use excessive pressure. In addition, we are always careful when drilling to preserve the surface quality.

Working with all kinds of aluminium tubes

Our aluminium tube drilling service is one of the most flexible ones you can find in the UK. For starters our team have a wealth of experience working with different grades of the metal. That means we can adapt to account for differences in hardness machinability. Whatever the grade, we will still deliver the same great level of service our clients expect from us.

In addition, we have the skills to work with different shapes of tube, including round, square, rectangle, and oval. Again we will adapt the service to suit the specific challenges that each shape presents.

Finally, we can drill holes in tubes with various wall thicknesses. Yet again we will adjust the service to ensure we provide the best results. For example, we take even greater care when dealing with the thickest walls as it takes more work to drill a hole.

Talk to us about aluminium tube drilling

Multiform Tubes Ltd is proud to offer fantastic services to clients in various industries. If they use aluminium tubes for any reason, we can provide a service for them. As well as drilling, we can arrange things like end forming, bending, and more. That makes us a one stop shop for tube finishing.

If you have any questions about aluminium tube drilling, or anything else we can do, please get in touch. You can even talk to us about designs if you need help deciding what service would be best.