Aluminium Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a company with an extensive knowledge of tubing. We use our talents to deliver some very creative results. Using the likes of aluminium tube expansion, we can easily create products to satisfy your needs. At our facility in the Midlands, we use the best equipment so we can create some of the most fascinating tubes around.

What is tube expansion?

This is where we use a plethora of approaches in an attempt to open the tube end. With such an opening, you can use the tubes in far more ways than you previously could. In addition, you can end up with a leak proof, snug fit onto the other tubes or fixtures you intend to use.

To achieve aluminium tube expansion, you can use one of two approaches.

Ram forming

Firstly, we have ram forming expansion. This strategy makes use of a dedicated, tapered die. It functions as a mould. Massive pressure forces the die into the tube’s end, expanding it in the process. The die is of an established, formed diameter and size. Therefore, it is only capable of expanding to certain diameters for particular tubes.

Hydraulic dies

The next approach has the user employing an expanding, segmented die that is operated hydraulically. It fits into the end of the tube. Then, you are free to expand the finger style segments to a myriad of lengths and diameters. Such an option supplies you with better flexibility in terms of range and size. What you end up with is a far more specific measurement.

The aluminium

Aluminium Tube ExpansionAs for the aluminium, it is one of the world’s most popular materials. Due to its attributes, this is not a surprise. There are plenty of applications you can use it for. Its lightweight nature is the most famous of its properties. The metal’s density is a mere third of that of steel. However, even better is the fact it does not influence its strength.

One of the reasons we like working with it is that it is easy to form and work. We also don’t need to spend too much energy here. In terms of adapting tubing, this is one of the largest benefits. Furthermore, it permits people to work on their tubes in a multitude of ways. You can accomplish your work in a cost effective manner too.

A material that does not get brittle

Another thing you should know is that aluminium does not end up being brittle at low temperatures. In conditions like these, it actually becomes stronger. This is excellent news for anyone thinking of in tube manufacturing.

Come to us if you need aluminium tube expansion

We are always happy to talk to prospective clients about the finer details of tube alteration. You may be someone that has a very unique project in mind. If so, you can get in touch with us to talk about it. We will then suggest the right way to give you the tubing you need. If it is aluminium tube expansion, you can expect excellent results from us.