Aluminium Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Ltd is one of the leading specialists in our industry in the UK. We are confident we can adapt tubing to suit any need. This involves us working with a variety of metals as well as a huge array machines and tools. If you need something specific like aluminium tube reduction or a general service like bending, we are the company for you.

Why is aluminium so popular?

Aluminium Tube ReductionAluminium is the material of choice for a huge array of applications. This is because it has one of the best selections of characteristics. Most notably it is light, has good strength, and excels when it comes to corrosion resistance. It also responds well to heat treatment so it is possible to boost its impressive resistance to high temperatures.

The properties mean this is a material that is suitable for many tricky uses. For example it has a lot of uses in things like aerospace. Many components in planes are made from one alloy of aluminium or another.

Cold working

Another great thing about aluminium is it responds very well to cold forming. This is one of the reasons why aluminium tube reduction is such a popular service. It is a great idea to work the metal without heating it because of the high heat resistance. Doing so also provides a number of benefits, including less waste, lower costs, faster production and more strength. Aesthetically it is better too because the grain will have no interruptions and the surface quality will be excellent.

A skilful team like ours can cold form aluminium tube to create even complex products. We can do this while offering great cost savings and very little waste. The options can include bending and many types of end forming. As a result we can cater for most applications.

Ask us about aluminium tube reduction

Few companies can compete with us when it comes to reducing metal tube. We can offer accurate results, leaving tubes with ends that are precise. This can allow people to create leak proof joints or connect the products to a number of fittings or fixtures. The reductions can also be for decorative purposes.

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a company you can rely on. So, contact us if you need aluminium tube reduction or want to ask about any service. We would love to help you select the right one for you.