Aluminium Tube Ring Rolling

High quality tubing is useful for a huge array of applications. Then, with expert manipulation services it is possible to adapt tubes to suit even more uses. At Multiform Tubes Ltd we specialise in this. We can offer a range of options to alter products. This includes bending, various types of end forming, and more. We are also one of the top names for aluminium tube ring rolling in the UK.

What is ring rolling?

Aluminium Tube Ring RollingSome projects call for tubes to curve or form a spiral or a ring. The best way to achieve this is by feeding a straight piece of tubing through a rolling machine. Here the engineer will set the rollers up so the tube can feed through and bend carefully. With care and precision it is possible to achieve great results. It is even possible to bring the ends together to form a complete ring.

We have a huge amount of experience with this service. As a result our team have the skills to deal with various requirements. This includes tubes varying in length and wall thickness. The thicker the wall, the harder it is to adapt, but we can find a solution in most cases. We also ensure we deliver consistent high quality results whenever we offer a service. That includes aluminium tube ring rolling.

Working with aluminium

There are many great reasons to choose aluminium tubing. Few metals can offer such a great combination of characteristics. For example, aluminium is light but still very strong. That makes it a good alternative to steel. It also has good workability. This is especially good if you are thinking about creating and adapting tubing.

The biggest advantage of aluminium by far is its corrosion resistance. The metal naturally gains a protective oxide layer when it is exposed to air. That protects the substrate from rust. If you use this metal you won’t need to worry about having to finish it with any kind of additional protective coating. This means no need to plate, galvanise, or even paint it.

One thing some people may worry about is whether adapting tubing would ruin the surface coatings. With aluminium, there should be no concerns about this at all. This is because it is possible to roll, bend and adapt the products without harming the oxide layer.

Talk to us about ring rolling for aluminium tubes

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a team that has spent years building our impressive reputation. We set high standards and always work towards them. As part of this we make sure our team are skilful and competent. We then give them the best equipment and tooling to work with. On top of that we have careful quality controls in place. This means every tube should be ready to use.

If you have any questions about aluminium tube ring rolling, you are free to contact us. We can tell you more about how we roll tubing and our capabilities. Clients even come to us for advice because we have been in our industry for so long. Few companies are able to offer the recommendations we can, so choose Multiform Tubes Ltd.