Automotive Tube Drilling

Metal tubing is useful for a huge array of applications. You can see it in various vehicles, furniture, pipe lines, and more. Professional services to adapt and finish it expand the uses even more. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is an expert you can rely on here. We provide a full range of solutions, from automotive tube drilling to bending and several options for end forming. If you need bespoke tubing, we can provide it.

So many automotive uses

Automotive Tube DrillingTube is especially suited to this industry. With most vehicles there is a focus on saving weight to improve fuel efficiency and performance. Tubes are the perfect option because they weigh less than solid bars or rods. At the same time, they retain an excellent level of strength and stability. So, many manufacturers choose them.

The sheer number of potential applications here is very impressive. Tubing can be crucial parts of vehicles, including steering components, exhaust systems, and pieces of the structure like roll cages. In larger public vehicles like buses, they are also vital for handrails and other support systems.

The fact that there are so many different options for metal tubing helps expand the uses too. Steel is a common choice because of its strength and low cost. Stainless alloys are particularly good because of the corrosion resistance. Aluminium and titanium are great options too, offering weight savings, improvements in the strength, and higher corrosion resistance.

Automotive tube drilling solutions

As we said above, tubes are often a vital part of various systems in vehicles. Because they are a piece of a much larger assembly, manufacturers need precise solutions for joining, mounting, and more. Drilling holes is a traditional option that can still work exceptionally well. As long as the placement is precise and the holes are clean, joining the tubes with bolts and other fixtures can be very easy.

We excel here because we maximise accuracy and the finish. Successfully preventing the tubes from rotating during drilling is crucial. It makes it easier to get the holes exactly where they need to be. Plus, it reduces the chance of the tool slipping and marking the surface of the tube.

Another benefit is we take care with our tooling. The bits need to be sharp and strong to cut through different metals. We have a large selection and manage them carefully. We also have high quality drills and can deburr the holes with deburring tools to make sure the edges are clean.

Do you want the very best services?

If you need automotive tube drilling, we would be happy to arrange it for you. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the leaders in our industry. We achieve consistently high standards when we drill holes, bend tube, or do any other alteration. Our team also have a wealth of experience to ensure we can take on all kinds of projects.

So, if you need a service please feel free to let us know. You can even come to us for advice about things like hole placement and how to make assembly quicker.