Automotive Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the UK’s best specialist in tubing alteration. We use various techniques to modify tube. They make it more appropriate for the intended application. We can do various things, such as automotive tube reduction and more.

How does tube end reduction work?

Automotive Tube ReductionWith tube end reduction, you perform it either by using hydraulic end formers or rotary reducing machines. Rotary reduction has a myriad of advantages. For instance, there is zero interruption to the grain structure. What this does is ensure there isn’t a loss in integral strength. Your work pieces can be in a warm or hot condition.

Another fact about rotary is that it can tube layer. Here, it is possible to reduce tubes with different sizes together. What this produces is a sandwich effect. It allows the combination of different materials to give the final product different characteristics.

Hydraulic end forming employs a static forming die as well as clamps. It can form tubes that have up to a 5.5″ diameter. This is much greater than what you can achieve using rotary reducing. That is the major advantage.

Using both techniques, wall thicknesses can reach 5mm. This is unless you do reduction via hot rotary. It can handle thicker walls.

The significance of automotive tube reduction

This is an important service as tubes have many uses in the automotive industry. We are able to offer utensils for use as steering components, seat construction, roll cages, and more. Due to the sheer number of uses, clients are able to benefit from our capacity to provide bespoke tubing.

We are happy to work with all kinds of clients, including vehicle manufacturers. Our team has confidence we can generate tubing for use in many kinds of motors. This includes cars, as well as commercial and industrial vehicles. Whatever the situation, we will concentrate on and supply tubes to the best of our ability.

We work with many tubing materials

One other massive benefit of working with us is that we can work with a myriad of materials. This is true whether you need automotive tube reduction or other services. For instance, our engineers have the means to adapt aluminium, titanium, and steels. Other tubes we handle include copper and brass. Due to the skills of our team, we can offer tubes that satisfy your weight and strength demands.

It is essential to think about the attributes you need from your tubes. Then, respond by selecting appropriate materials. We can help you accomplish this. Not to mention, we have experience with oval, square, and round tube. It lets us meet even more requirements.

When we supply bespoke tubing, we can provide products in a multitude of dimensions and lengths. This is what we do in addition to catering for all kinds of special needs. Among these, we can supply curved, angled, and bent pieces.

Whatever your specifications are, we can cater for them. We also make certain that we retain the tubing quality no matter what the manipulation criteria is.

Achieving the highest standards

Being experts in our field, we can complete any project whilst meeting the highest standards. This includes ones involving automotive tube reduction. We ensure an excellent quality of work and fantastic customer service.

So, if our services interest you and you’d like to know more, contact our team. We’ll answer any queries that you have.