Automotive Tube Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has years of experience in tube manipulation. We use this to ensure we are one of the foremost specialists in our field. The team we have is incredibly knowledgeable and can attend to all of your requirements. If you need specialist tubing, we can use techniques like automotive tube ring rolling to provide it.

What is tube ring rolling?

This is a manipulation operation where we bend tubes into an array of exceptional products. It can include rings, spirals, coils, and much more. With ring rolling, it is easy for us to create versatile components for an array of uses.

It is possible to perform ring rolling in a multitude of ways. Examples include hand and machine manipulation, as well as hot and cold manipulation. All options offer constant curves, even when we work with the strongest tubes.

Thanks to our expert technicians, we can work with tube made of various materials. Examples include food grade stainless steel, titanium, brass, and aluminium. What’s more, we can work with copper, mild and stainless steel, and hydraulic tubes.

As well as working with many materials, we can handle a plethora of sizes too. They can vary in terms of the ID, OD, and wall thickness. You can also choose from oval, square, and circular shapes.

Automotive tubing has lots of uses

Automotive Tube Ring RollingAutomotive tube ring rolling is unquestionably one of our most valuable services. This is because of how much use you can get out of tubing in the industry. We are able to supply merchandise that you can use in steering components, seat construction, and roll cages. Other uses include exhausts, and bracing for extra strength. The number of uses is so significant that people can always benefit from our talents.

Another fact is that we work with an extensive list of clients. We are certain we can generate products for use in many different vehicle models. This includes cars, motorbikes, and far bigger industrial and commercial vehicles. In every instance, we prioritise quality and supply the best tubes we can.

There is one other significant advantage of teaming up with us. As we said earlier, we work with many materials. Due to this fact, we have what it takes to supply goods to meet your requirements in terms of the characteristics of the tube. It is essential to think about the features your tubes need the most, whether it is strength, corrosion resistance, or machinability. In response, you have to choose the right materials. We will be able to help you here.

Get in touch with us to talk about automotive tube ring rolling

When we adapt tubing, we can offer you standard pieces that come in multiple dimensions and lengths. This is something we can do alongside catering to more specialist requirements. Among these, we have the means to supply components with curves, bends, and angles. The team can even manipulate the ends through reduction and expansion. All this is suitable for automotive tubing.

So, whatever your specifications are, the Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd team will have what it takes to cater to them. No matter what the manipulation criteria is, including automotive tube ring rolling, we will make certain the quality of the tubing is as high as possible.

If there is anything you wish to know about the materials we work with or the services we provide, feel free to get in touch. We will be able to talk about tubes for the automotive industry and our people can then offer expert advice and information.