Brass fabrication Tube Reduction

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we are confident we can provide tubular parts for almost any application. We can do that because we have a wealth of experience, a fantastic team, and the best equipment. One area where we excel is brass fabrication tube reduction. We want to look at it in more detail here.

Why use brass?

Brass Fabrication Tube ReductionOf the wide selection of metal tubes we work with, brass is one of the most interesting. It is an alloy of copper and zinc, sometimes with small amounts of tin and lead. There are several different alloys with different levels of the elements, this includes ones like Admiralty, leaded, high brass, and Tonval.

A major reason people choose brass is because of the aesthetics. It is available in a choice of colours, from bright gold to red and yellow. There are even white brasses with a high level of zinc and/or tin to give them a silver colour.

Brasses are also popular because of the physical properties. For example, they can have good corrosion resistance, medium strength, and good electrical and thermal conductivity. The alloys are also non-magnetic.

A key thing though, particularly with brass fabrication tube reduction, is brasses have really good malleability and formability. This makes them easier to work than materials like bronze and steel. Add in the strength and stiffness, and they are also less susceptible to stress cracking.


Brass tubes have plenty of uses. They are great for moving air and gas, plumbing, heating, instruments, and interior design pieces. The latter can include furniture, light fittings, and much more.

Because brass tube is so easy to fabricate, it can be suitable for all kinds of custom products. This can include shelving units, railings, POS items, gates, and architectural items.

Our brass fabrication tube reduction services help to facilitate many of these applications. A lot of them require tubing to fit together. Creating joints can be tricky and may cause issues. But, if you adapt the end(s) of tubes with reduction, it can make it easier. It can allow sections to slot together without any need for additional fasteners.

It also helps that brass is suitable for welding, CNC turning, water jet cutting and more. Fabricators just need the right skill, knowledge, and equipment. With them, brasses can suit a huge range of uses in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. There are even alloys that are good for marine use.

Do you need brass fabrication tube reduction?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the perfect team to work with if you need to adapt brass tubing. We have plenty of experience. As a result, we know how it behaves during processing. This is crucial because it ensures we can manipulate it carefully with minimal risk of flaws.

We have a fantastic reputation and prioritise customer service. This is one of the reasons why we are an industry leader. So, if you ever need help with brass fabrication tube reduction or other solutions for metal tubing, you can contact us.