Brass Furniture Tube Manipulation

If you’re looking for a professional and dependable service for tubing, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has the skills you need. We’ve been offering services like brass furniture tube manipulation for years. Thanks to our experience, we can give you the solutions you need. They will always be high quality, but offer excellent value for money too.

We’re a flexible business

Brass Furniture Tube ManipulationOur technicians always go out of their way to satisfy every client that needs us. We can cater for almost any need. You can also count on us to provide advice and answer any queries you might have. At the end of the day, we make sure you get the exact service and products you need.

One thing that makes us a top specialist is we can offer a service for any need, including different furnishings. You can use metal tubes to create various pieces; it can be everything from desk chairs and tables to bed frames. The materials can be functional or decorative in nature. It all comes down to the user’s needs as well as the design.

Brass is cost effective and lightweight

There are multiple reasons why people like using the tube for furniture. For one thing, it is a cost efficient strategy, even if you are using more expensive materials. Moreover, the nature of tubing means they are usually lightweight. This tends to be a critical factor with furnishings.

Since 2016, brass in particular has made waves in the furniture industry. Manufacturers have come to this alloy for exciting, new pieces. One of the most prominently used options is square tubes. This is because they can fit diverse architectural house styles, from classic to modern homes. We can cater for the needs with our brass furniture tube manipulation services.

Tables and chairs

To give an example, you can use these specific tubes while making tables and chairs. Thanks to the corrosion resistance and durability, it is popular for manufacturing these items. Designers like melding brass and wood together. The primary frames have brass square tube. As for the back rests and seats, they are wood. It can match the home’s interior design.

Tabletops can have brass tubes for legs. You can char them black and then polish for further personality. Glass tables can also have frames made of the tube. They are ideal for offices looking for a touch of gold for that professional, classic look.

Bed rails

Another thing you can use brass tubes for are bed rails. You can turn the geometric pattern into a modern or traditional look. Plus, you can mould the tube into different forms. This is easier with our brass furniture tube manipulation services. You can even stamp or etch on the metal.

You also have the option of ageing brass to gain an uneven patina aesthetic by first removing the coating via a stripping chemical. Following this, you can brush using a fine steel wool to dispose of the remaining coating. It can enhance the aesthetics of different furnishings.


You can use brass to create light fixtures as well. Furniture makers like using it here due to the corrosion resistance and machinability. Brass doesn’t spark either, making the lighting system less vulnerable to fire.

Work with us to meet your specifications for brass furniture tube manipulation

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has the means to meet all sorts of specifications in the furniture industry. Our use of tube manipulation helps us to do this because we can create accurate parts. We can offer you the highest quality bespoke tubing.

So, feel free to speak to us if you need our help.