Brass Shop Fitting Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can adapt tubing for use in all kinds of industries. Our expertise is extensive, covering different types of metal and a variety of techniques. As a result, you can rely on us for specialist things like brass shop fitting tube reduction and much more.

Solutions for all shops

Brass Shop Fitting Tube ReductionFrom the largest warehouses to tiny boutiques, every shop needs the right kind of fittings. In some cases the focus is purely on performance. However, in others they also need to be great aesthetically. Shop owners need to carefully consider the materials they will use here to ensure they tick all the right boxes.

Brass tubing can be a really fantastic option for different kinds of fittings. Shops can use a wide array of different products, including display stands, clothing racks and rails, shelving units, and more. They typically also have counters or POS points. You can use the tube to create all of them.

There are a number of advantages with brass. Firstly, it has good physical properties. This includes impressive strength and durability. It also has really good corrosion resistance. The wide choice of alloys is fantastic too. This ensures you can choose one with the right combination of strength and workability. Finally, brasses are impressive aesthetically.

Brass shop fitting tube reduction expands uses

As you’ve read, there are plenty of reasons to choose brasses for fittings. They can provide a great combination of aesthetics and physical performance. Tubing is one of the best options because there are various ways to adapt it. As a result, you can create entirely bespoke products for any space.

Reduction is particularly good for fittings. It can help to adapt tubes so they can become part of much larger products. For example, you can reduce the end of a section so it can seamlessly slot into another one. This provides a sturdy joint without needing an additional fixture. That can be useful for shelves, counters, racks, rails, and more.

The reduction is an entirely mechanical process. As a result, there is no loss of material or impact on the surface quality. It makes this a really excellent option for a variety of needs.

Do you want professional services?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the best tubing specialists in the UK. We can offer brass shop fitting tube reduction and much more to suit almost any need.

What makes us stand out most is our precision. Every tube will have a really good tolerance, getting it as close to the design specs as possible. In addition, we can offer design advice for using tube for different needs. We can ensure the sections will fit together how you want them. Plus, we can handle bending too.

So, speak to us today if you want tubular brass fittings for any shop. We can help you to create them, ensuring you have assets that will work for your business and impress customers.