Brass Tube Bending

Multiform Tubes Ltd exists to provide the most professional tubing services. This includes brass tube bending. Each service is appropriate for all kinds of applications. In other words, regardless of your needs, we can provide you with products that meet them.

We have spent many years serving this industry. Because of this, we have an understanding of the process beyond that of others. It is this knowledge that allows us to give every client the most professional services in the UK. When you require tubing, you don’t have to look any further than our business. To ensure the best results, we work alongside our customers. This makes it easier for us to understand their specifications.

We can create many products with our talents

Brass Tube BendingOur technicians use an array of top quality equipment to create a slew of useful products. Examples include chair frames, railings, shop fittings, and barriers. There is more potential to uncover beyond this however. Since this is the case, we can supply services for a collection of materials. Our services are incredibly versatile as a result.

One material in particular that we like working with is brass. This is an alloy of zinc and copper. Depending on the precise ratio of these two materials, there are numerous options available. There is also the addition of other elements to consider. In addition, the alloys have an influence on the specific properties of the material. With alterations to the ratio come minor differences in the features. Presently, you can choose from more than 60 separate brasses. It is an essential part of our brass tube bending service.

Zinc brass

For casting applications, high zinc brass is the ideal choice. The reason why is that it possesses a lower melting point. Furthermore, it enables the material to generate a protective oxide. This increases the corrosion protection.

As for low zinc content, it is beneficial for cold forming. It is the ideal choice for producing tubing as well as similarly worked utensils.


Another interesting detail about brass is that many people appreciate its aesthetics. These metals can vary in colour. You can find them in deep reds and golden yellows. This is the reason why it is popular for decorative items. If you require kitchen or bathroom fittings, then you might want to consider using brass products.

You can rely on our team for brass tube bending

The team here at Multiform Tubes Ltd provide tube bending on a regular basis. We are capable of adapting tubes in numerous ways in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. Countless industries are able to take advantage of our services. They can count on us to deliver a level of quality unmatched by anyone else.

You are welcome to get in touch with us anytime if you require our brass tube bending services or have questions you would like us to answer. We are a leader in our field and always support our customers.