Brass Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Ltd excels at altering the shapes of tubing. We offer many services in order to provide clients with tube that will meet their exact specifications. There are many options here, including brass tube drilling. Our technicians are fully capable of working with this metal effectively. Therefore, you can expect top quality results from us.

How does tube drilling work?

Brass Tube DrillingThe goal with our drilling service is to save you time and effort. It does so by offering a precise, clean hole every time. Thanks to our modern tooling, you always receive an expert cut. In addition, we make use of clamps to ensure that the tubes don’t bend or turn while the drilling procedure takes place. This means you don’t need to worry about any surface damage.

With professional services, clients have solutions for all kinds of needs. This includes automotive parts, furniture, and a host of other products. Whatever type of brass you are using, we are confident we can drill holes in it.

Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, assembly is also far swifter and easier. In the end, you will save yourself some effort, time, and money by working with us.

The key ingredient

We can’t have brass tube drilling without the metal itself though. It is an alloy of zinc and copper. There are several forms to choose from. This depends on the precise ratio of copper and zinc, as well as the addition of other substances. What’s more, the elements have an influence on those properties offered by the final alloys. When there are shifts in the ratio, there are some minor differences in the attributes.

No matter the alloy you use, every form of brass has a few things in common. People value brasses for their machinability for one thing. As a result, it is possible to adapt the metal in several ways while keeping its strength. Users also love using brass for aesthetic reasons. The different colours you can find include golden yellows and deep reds. For this reason, it is popular for decorative goods.


Just like copper, brass has noticeable bacteriostatic attributes. This stops the likes of fungi, bacteria, and viruses from growing. That makes it a wonderful choice for creating bathroom and kitchen products.

Wear and spark resistant

The wear resistance makes brass a great choice for decorative goods that will see extensive use. Railings are a good example. Thanks to the spark resistance, brass comes in handy when fireproofing is a necessity.

We always aim to please with brass tube drilling

Ours is a professional tube manipulation company. As a result, we use the finest machinery and tooling when we provide every service. This allows us to produce far more accurate tubes. For every client, we always aim to meet the highest standards.

So please get in contact with us if you need any kind of tube alteration. In addition to brass tube drilling we can offer bending, end forming, and more. We also work with various other metals.