Brass Tube Manipulation

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we work hard to make sure we are always at the head of our industry. To do this we invest in new equipment regularly and also ensure our team have the broadest set of skills. As a result we can handle all kinds of needs. This includes offering the most reliable brass tube manipulation services.

Why is brass so popular?

Brass Tube ManipulationBrasses are suitable for a huge array of applications. This is because they can combine excellent corrosion resistance with impressive workability. On top of this they can be aesthetically pleasing thanks to the range of colours, from gold to red.

Common uses of brass include musical instruments and decorative products. However, it is also a material that you can see often in the marine industry. In addition, brasses are suitable for a number of mechanical uses. This includes gears and bearings. Some tools are brass because they can remain sharp for longer.

Brass tube manipulation solutions

As we said above one of the reasons brasses are so popular is their workability. It is a metal that is relatively easy to work with. That makes it rather simple to create things like tubing and other components. It also means that tubes can then be adapted in a number of ways to create even more products.

The options to manipulate brass tube are extensive. For example you can bend it with relative ease. The only concern here is ensuring you avoid crushing or kinking it. The right equipment and tools can prevent this. For example you may need a mandrel to support the inner diameter.

As well as bending you can adapt the ends of brass tube quite easily. This can include reduction, expansion, and swaging. These are all useful if you need to attach tubing to fixtures or fittings. They are good for decorative needs too.

Choose expert services

Multiform Tubes Ltd is one of the most recognisable names in our industry. We excel at adapting tubing, able to work with a wide range of metals and cater for various applications. Our goal is to give every single client the most reliable service every single time.

So, if you need brass tube manipulation or services to adapt tubing made from steel, copper, aluminium, or many more, please contact us. We deliver value for money and accurate products.