Brass Tube Reduction

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a leader in our industry and supports clients all over the UK. Our goal is to give everyone access to the best solutions so they know who to call on every time. This could be for tube bending, end forming, or even options like drilling. One area where we offer consistent, high quality services is brass tube reduction. It is a service we are very proud of.

What is it?

Brass Tube ReductionIn some cases people need a tube that has a smaller diameter at the ends to what it has for the rest of the length. This could be for decorative or functional reasons. Whatever the case, the alteration needs to be accurate. That is where professional tube reduction services come in. We can make the change for you without affecting the characteristics of the metal tubing.

There are two options for reducing the tubing. Firstly there is a rotary process. This can be hot or cold and requires the use of a hydraulic reducing machine. It can provide very accurate results, even with some thicker wall tubes.

The other option is to use a static die and clamps. Again this can be a very accurate process, especially because you can make the dies to the exact measurements you need. The big advantage here is you can make a die to suit large tube diameters.

Working with brass

As we said above, brass tube reduction is one service we are happy to offer. There are lots of different brasses to choose from, ranging in terms of their properties and colour. However, most of them are relatively soft materials. That means they are quite easy to work with. As a result, they are some of the best metals for making tubing and the tubes are easier to adapt.

We are happy to help clients who need us to adapt their tubing. Our team have a huge amount of experience, especially with brass. As a result we can reduce the end to suit lots of needs. This could be to create heating tubes, handrails, or various other projects. If it is tube for carrying liquid or gas, our service is great because it can produce leak proof joints.

Ask us about brass tube reduction

Multiform Tubes Ltd has an excellent reputation and lots of happy customers. Our aim is to give each client the greatest experience every time, from picking services to arranging delivery. We can also offer advice and share our expertise too. This can be very useful for any client that has an issue or does not quite know what kind of tube design to opt for.

So, if you want brass tube reduction or any other kind of alterations for tubing, rely on us. You can get in touch if you want a quote or help.