Construction Tube Expansion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we deliver consistently high quality services for clients all over the UK. Whatever industry you may be in, we are confident we can deliver tubing for you. Our broad range of skills includes construction tube expansion, bending, drilling, and more. So, you can come to us for any kind of solution.

Expanding tubing

We are proud to be one of the leading experts when it comes to expanding tube. Our team have a wealth of experience and know all the advantages the process can offer. Plus, we have fantastic facilities as well as a full array of tooling. You can come to us with all kinds of tube, including different types of steel, aluminium, titanium, and more. We will be able to adapt it for you.

Construction Tube ExpansionThe construction tube expansion service we specialise in is a really useful one. What it does is open up the end of a piece of tubing so it can suit more applications. We can accomplish this with a die. There are two very different options here.

The first is to use static tapered dies. The tapering means they can slot into the end of the tube until they can go no further. Then we apply pressure to the die to push beyond this. The action forces the end of the tube to widen.

A second option is to use a hydraulic expanding die. These feature small segments that can open to a variety of lengths. We insert it into the tube and it can open to expand from the inside. There is a lot more control over the expansion here. However, you cannot exceed the maximum amount that the die segments can open.

The uses for construction

Metal tubing has a huge array of different uses in this industry. Many of them are only possible because of precise construction tube expansion services.

For starters, tubes have several structural uses. This can include piling to support the foundations of a structure on unstable ground. In addition, tube can create scaffolding to help with support structures and building.

On top of that, you can find tubes within structures serving all kinds of purposes. For example, it could be handrails for stairs, ducts, or even pipe lines for different resources.

Many of these products need sections of tubing that can slot together. Others need tube you can attach to different fixtures and fittings. Expansion is a great way to allow both of these things and can do so without needing costly extras. Plus the process is mechanical and does not involve cutting. It can preserve the strength and finish of the tubes.

Ask us about construction tube expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is proud to support all kinds of businesses, from international companies to niche specialists. We can expand tubing with skill and precision to suit a variety of applications. Plus, we can advise clients if you need help deciding on the level of expansion that is possible.

So, contact us today if you want to arrange construction tube expansion or other services. We can help you to obtain the exact products you need for your project.