Construction Tube Swaging

Metal tubing is a common sight in buildings. You can see it during construction as well as during everyday operations. The number of applications is very extensive. We help with this thanks to services like construction tube swaging. It allows us to adapt tubes in a variety of ways to suit the end use.

Uses for tube in construction

Construction Tube SwagingAs we said above, the number of ways people can use tube here is very broad. Firstly, it can be part of the structure itself. This can be vital things like columns or even piles for stability. Without them, buildings could risk collapsing. This is most likely when the ground is unstable due to things like drainage, compaction, or the bedrock.

Tubes also have applications for things like handrails, air ducts, and more. While they aren’t structural elements, they are still vital to ensure properties are habitable. There are even applications that are purely decorative.

Tubing is especially good for temporary structures. This could be scaffolding, podiums, and even spectator stands. The modular nature of the tube is excellent here. The fact sections are strong and durable is important too. It means these structures will be able to handle the load people place on them.

Construction tube swaging to maximise the uses

As you can see, there is a massive array of uses for tube. Swaging can help to facilitate many of them. What it does is provide an effective way to alter the inner diameter of the tubes. It can offer circular concentric reductions or completely change the shape. This occurs without altering the exterior.

The great thing about swaging is it provides more options for creating joints with tubing. You can swage to adapt the size or shape of the inner diameter so the tube can seamlessly join to other tubes or various fixtures and fittings. This is an effective option that can reduce costs, weight, and more. Professional services can ensure there is a smaller risk of leaks too.

There are plenty of other advantages here too. For example, the mechanical technique won’t result in a loss of material or a change in strength. There won’t be any impact on finishes too. Plus, cycle times are short, especially when you work with experts like us.

Get an exceptional service today

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the best provider of construction tube swaging in the UK. In fact, we can offer this service and various others for a massive array of industries. If you need to adapt metal tubes, we can help. We work with different steels as well as grades and alloys of copper, brass, aluminium, titanium, and more.

So, if you need anything, please contact us. We can even offer recommendations for different projects, sharing our years of expertise.