Copper Heating Tube Swaging

The heating system is one of the most important in every structure, from homes to large commercial buildings and industrial facilities. The core of each one is high quality tubing. We help deliver this with our copper heating tube swaging service. Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the best experts in the UK, so clients can expect great things from us.

Why use copper?

Copper Heating Tube SwagingPeople have been using copper for heating applications for a very long time. It has persisted because it provides such a fantastic selection of properties. These can make it better than steel and plastic, even if the latter is cheaper.

Most notably, copper is durable and conductive. This gives it an advantage over other materials like plastic. The corrosion resistance makes it better than steel. In addition, it is more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the rich colour.

Another massive advantage with copper is it’s incredibly ductile. It is a rather soft metal, so adapting it is quite easy. Many plumbers can do it with basic tools to bend the tubing to suit the layouts of different properties. You can also choose professional services like our copper heating tube swaging. This gives it a clear advantage over steel and plastic.


Copper is useful for all manner of heating applications. For one, you can utilise it for tubing to deliver hot or cold water throughout properties. These can feed radiators, taps, and more.

It is also one of the most popular materials for heat exchangers. The high thermal conductivity here makes copper a really excellent option. Plus, the corrosion resistance is useful and means exchangers don’t need as much maintenance.

An interesting newer application is underfloor heating. More and more properties are choosing it to replace radiators and keep floors warm. It is especially good for bathrooms. Some people think copper isn’t a good option for it, but there are plenty of advantages. Most importantly, the flexibility means it is easy to adapt the tube to manoeuvre around the floor.

Do you need copper heating tube swaging?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd excels at swaging tubing. We can utilise different methods to get the best results. Rotary swaging is the most effective technique. It is fast and has a very short cycle time. The rotating die can also cater for different swage specifications. On top of that, there is no material loss or impact on the copper’s properties.

We have plenty of experience with copper tubing. Its softness makes it easy to work with, but also means you need to take extra care not to damage it. We do that and make sure the results are fantastic.

So, if you need copper heating tube swaging for any needs, speak to us. We would be happy to provide it and can answer any questions about our services too.