Copper Medical Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd excels in providing specialist tube modification services. A good example would be our copper medical tube swaging work. It allows us to craft specific tools and parts for such a vital industry. Due to the work we do, and the outstanding results, we’ve become one of the leading figures on our field.

What is it?

Copper Medical Tube SwagingNot a lot of people will be familiar with this technique. Tube swaging is a rotary hammer forming process that you can use to create circular concentric reductions or regular forms. Examples would be squares, hexagonal, and octagonal. In basic terms, it is able to make the inner tube a different size or shape while keeping the outside circular. This happens on one end of the tube or both. Or, you could go right through.

What you do is insert a die into your tube. It opens to hammer quickly, creating the desired alteration. The die rotates if you want to change the shape.

This work has several advantages. For one thing, there are short cycle times that give you your end product swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, no matter what shape the interior of the tube is, you maintain decent, smooth, circular finishes on the exterior. There are tight tolerances and zero material losses too. The first is crucial and means copper medical tube swaging services are a great choice.

Copper is a big part of the medical industry

Copper’s role in medical facilities goes past the regular plumbing and piping systems you find behind walls and above ceilings. Actually, it is an integral resource for respiratory care systems. These are the ones that deliver gases patients need for life-saving medical treatments.

The medical industry routinely employs copper tubes to dispense compressed medical air, nitrous oxide, and oxygen for patient care and treatment. They are needed for compressed air and nitrogen to operate life-saving tools.

Moreover, you need copper tubing for treatment and surgical equipment. The tubes are also required to operate medical vacuum systems. These remove fluids and gases from patient treatment areas and surgeries.

Whether the treatments are happening at a dentist’s office or hospital, copper tubing is necessary for the medical process. We can help if you need copper medical tube swaging services.

What makes copper tubing stand out?

Copper tubing has long been the preferred choice for the medical industry for many reasons. These include the low maintenance, longevity, durability, and internal cleanliness.

Moreover, copper’s comparatively high melting point is vital for fire protection. The material doesn’t burn in the same way plastic does, so it is far less likely to spread smoke or flames throughout a structure. The non-flammable features are especially important during emergencies. People in hospitals are often elderly or less mobile due to injury. So, it is important to choose materials like copper that have excellent fire resistance.

Copper’s thermal properties also offer an advantage in terms of longevity. Its melting point is around 1,984ºF, which is much higher than plastic. It won’t contract and expand as much as with temperature changes. So, equipment can last longer.

Copper tubing’s characteristics make it an essential option for medical equipment and plumbing. Thus, it’s widely favoured inside and outside of facilities. It offers excellent versatility, dependable performance, and reliability.

Come to us for quality copper medical tube swaging services

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