Copper Tube Bending

If you have found our website, chances are you need to adapt tubes for a project. Well you are in the right place as our specialist team provides a wide number of manipulation services. With our expert knowledge and the top of the range machinery we use, you can be confident you will get excellent quality products from us. This is regardless of the material or size of tube you are working with. For instance, one of the areas of work we offer is copper tube bending.

Need tubes with bends?

Copper Tube BendingIt is relatively simple to bend a copper tube to achieve the shape and right direction of the pipework. With the right setup and procedures, people working on tubes can use machines to produce accurate and quality bends.

It is worth noting that this is not the only material that we work with; our team provides tube manipulation services for aluminium, steels, and more. This means our service is truly comprehensive.

Using machines for copper tube bending

To ensure bending is done properly and to avoid issues, it is important that the person carrying it out has the right understanding and skills. In addition to this, modern machines will help ensure the best results. There are a number of benefits that come with using the machinery to help carry out tube bending. This includes:

  • It is easy to form multiple bends
  • Fast production times
  • Precision can be maintained along with quality and bend radius
  • It is possible to bend close to the tube end

Why use copper tubing?

There are several properties of copper that can make it a great choice of material for your tubes. For starters, it has high corrosion resistance as well as excellent mechanical strength. In addition it is resistant to high temperatures. In other words, your tubes will have a long life and you will be able to enjoy dependable systems.

On top of this, copper is an economical material choice due to its easy forming, joining, and handling. The combination along with its reliability allows for simpler installation and less costs.

Work with us for results you can trust

We know that there are numerous sectors who might find themselves in need of copper tubes. Regardless of the specifications of the product you desire, we will deliver a solution. People know us as the company that supplies tube services for a fantastic price. You also never have to wait long or worry about the quality of our work; we always aim for the highest possible standards with everything that we do.

Multiform Tubes Ltd is based in the West Midlands, however we help people all over the UK with our services. In fact, we have become a recognised name as whatever your needs are, you can count on us to deliver amazing results. Whether this is with copper tube bending, fabrication, or another area that we specialise in, we will not let you down.

Get in touch with our team if you want to work with us or wish to know more about what we do. We are always happy to answer any questions about our services.