Copper Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Ltd is a company that loves to serve its customers. We do this to the best of our abilities every single time. Our focus is on modifying tubes to make sure they are appropriate for an array of applications. To obtain the right configuration, we can use a range of techniques, including bending and end forming. We also excel at copper tube drilling.

Our goal when we drill tubes is to create clean, precise holes wherever they are necessary on the tubing. We do this with care and only use the most sophisticated drilling equipment. Our expert team take care to set everything up properly and know how to avoid issues like a tube turning whilst drilling or using too much pressure and potentially creating a flat spot. They will clamp each tube carefully to hold it in place but ensure they don’t cause any damage.

Creating all kinds of products

Copper Tube DrillingProfessional tube drilling is something you can use to offer up solutions for numerous needs. Notable examples include automotive parts and pre-formed furniture. There are lots of other uses for the tubing though. In fact businesses in most industries use them.

Assembly tends to be easier and faster with pre-drilled holes too. This saves on effort, money, and time. As a result it is a really good option to invest in professional services.

Why use copper?

There are plenty of reasons why people use copper tubing. One you might not know about is that it is an antimicrobial substance. This means that any fungi, viruses, or bacteria that settle on the exterior are going to be killed. In other words, the material is very hygienic. It should come as no surprise that the metal is extensively used in hospitals and similar areas where hygiene is essential.

Another useful trait of copper is that it hardens as you work it, just like stainless steel. If your tubes are going into plumbing and heating systems, this shall be incredibly helpful. In these situations, the tubes must be lightweight but strong at the same time. They usually need to be thin-wall too. If you are able to work the metal more, it can get to the stage where it has enough strength to be useful.

Speaking of other materials, it is not difficult to combine copper with others. By doing this, you can create a myriad of alloys. Without copper, certain other substances would not exist. Brass and bronze come to mind here. Both materials provide unique attributes. Furthermore, they can augment the characteristics that already exist.

Copper tube drilling

Tube drillingOne thing to keep in mind is that copper overall is quite a soft material. As a result it is vital to take care when drilling it. Too much pressure on the drill and it could damage the tube. That is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to choose our professional services. We know how to work with the material and have great equipment to rely on. That means we can offer great solutions.

Multiform Tubes Ltd is one of the most flexible providers of tube alteration services. Whenever a client comes to us asking for help, we ensure they get a great finish and the best value. We are also highly knowledgeable about our industry, meaning we can provide advice and recommendations for various projects.

If you want to talk to us about copper tube drilling please get in touch. We can provide a lot of tips and arrange a great service for you.