Copper Tube Manipulation

Adapting metal tubing is our speciality at Multiform Tubes Ltd. We can take a straight section and bend it to create a curve, spiral, or a tighter angle. On top of this, we offer various types of end forming. This includes expansion, reduction, and beading. Clients from an array of industries can come to us for first rate services. This includes the very best copper tube manipulation or solutions for many other metals.

Working with copper

Copper Tube ManipulationWe have a huge amount of experience with copper tubing. It is a metal many people appreciate because it has such a great range of characteristics. For example it is very ductile and has excellent workability. It is also great in terms of heat and electrical conductivity. In both cases only silver is better. The fact that copper is relatively cheap makes it the go to option for many applications.

Another characteristic of copper that is vital to mention is its corrosion resistance. It does not tend to corrode because of its low reactivity. As a result, it is a great material to use for marine applications and settings where moisture is an issue.

Reliable copper tube manipulation

As we said above, copper is a ductile material that is very workable. This means it is easy to take a sheet of the metal and form it into a tube. Doing so will not affect the corrosion resistance and other important characteristics. The tubing will also be very light and can have thin walls because the metal is pretty tough.

The ductility helps make it easier to adapt the tubing. It means that things like bending and end forming are simple. The tubes can be bent to create very tight curves, angles, and spirals. The bends can even go around corners.

Our team have a lot of experience with various forms of tube manipulation. In addition, they have access to some of the very best equipment, including rolling and bending machines. That means we can offer consistent high quality results.

Talk to us about your needs

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we can cater for a huge array of different needs. This includes adapting tubing with different wall thicknesses. We also have the skills to work with various shapes of tube, including circular, oval, and square. In each case, we work to adapt the product but retain the shape.

Clients can also come to us for advice about adapting tubing. We love sharing our expertise and helping them to decide on the right services. In fact, talking to us can help them to overcome issues because we likely have lots of relevant experience.

If you want to arrange copper tube manipulation or any other service, you should choose us. We will ensure you get a professional service as well as high quality tubing.