Copper Tube Reduction

Copper tubing is great for a number of different uses, including plumbing, HVAC systems, and fuel or gas lines. Many of these are only possible because the metal is easy to work with. At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we excel at doing just that. We can take the tubes and adapt them to suit various specifications. This can include things like copper tube reduction, bending, and more.

Why use copper tubing?

Copper Tube ReductionThis remains one of the most popular metals for tubes today for a number of reasons. Firstly, as we said above, it is easy to work with. This is because it is ductile and malleable. That means it is a great option for making tubing. It also means it is relatively simple to adapt the tube to suit different needs.

Another positive attribute of copper is its low chemical reactivity. This makes it a great choice for carrying water, gas, and other liquids. It means you should not need to worry about these substances damaging the metal. The high heat and electrical conductivity also helps preserve the metal.

Some people have concerns about using metal in warm, moist environments. The risk here is that the conditions could cause issues with corrosion. Luckily, copper has good resistance to it. What happens is the metal develops a green patina. This coating protects it from further wear. As a result it can mean the tubes last longer and require less maintenance.

Why choose copper tube reduction?

Adapting the ends of pieces of tubing is necessary for a number of reasons. For example you may need it to create tight fitting joints. These could be between different sections of tube or to join with fixtures or fittings. In each case, reduction can be the best option.

What you need to remember is tube reduction is a cold working process. As a result it does not require heat or cutting. This helps to preserve the integrity of the metal and those characteristics you specifically chose it for.

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd can adapt copper tubes with care and precision. We use the very best equipment, including tooling that won’t damage the metal. On top of that, our team have a great deal of experience. Therefore they know how the tubing will behave when working it. This can reduce the risk of flaws.

Ask us for a professional service

If you need copper tubing for any kind of project, you can contact us to talk about your needs. We already work with businesses in a huge array of different industries. So, it is likely we can offer the support you need. In fact, we may be able to provide suggestions about what services you need.

You can rely on us to offer copper tube reduction that meets the highest standards. Whether you have standard round tubing, a non-standard size or a different shape, we can help. Get in touch now.