Copper Tube Swaging

Multiform Tubes is a company that exists to manipulate tubing using various techniques. We do this because the tube only has so many uses in their standard forms. If we alter it though, we make the products suitable for even more applications. Copper tube swaging is one of the methods we can use to adapt the tubes. There are several others though, including bending and ring rolling.

Understanding tube swaging

Copper Tube SwagingThis is actually a process of rotary swaging. It is a hammer forming procedure for the reduction of the cross section of wires, tubes, and solids. The technique is capable of creating regular forms or circular concentric reductions. The regular forms include squares, octagonal, and hexagonal. This will be right the way through the tube or on one or both sides. In turn, this can make the inside of your tube another shape. The outside on the other hand shall stay circular. In addition, the tube’s diameter can increase.

What happens when you do swaging is that you insert a die into the tube. The die opens up and closes quickly to hammer the tube and produce the shape. It is a reliable service and can adapt the tube accurately.

The benefits of this process

Work like this offers a number of advantages. For instance, the cycle times are short. These shall present you with your final product in a timely manner. The process will also be efficient as well. Moreover, no matter the interior’s shape, you will find yourself with decent, smooth, circular finishes on the outside. There are no material losses either, and the tolerances are tight.

Swaging makes use of an impact procedure rather than a cutting one. As a result it means the integral strength will stay the same. This adds to the minimum notch effect and better wall thickness.

The reasons why we use copper

We have the skills and experience to provide reliable copper tube swaging. There are many uses for copper tubing because it has some really impressive properties. For example, its thermal conductivity is a standout feature. It should come as no surprise that copper tube is widely used for heating systems.

Copper hardens as you work it too, just like stainless steel. This will prove useful when you need tubes for plumbing and heating systems. Tubes here must be robust but somewhat thin walled and lightweight. If you work the metal more, it is possible to harden it to gain the necessary strength. The wall thickness can be considerably lower this way.

Contact us to arrange copper tube swaging

Our team knows about every favourable thing that copper tubing has to offer. We are more than happy to use various techniques to produce bespoke products that can meet your requirements. In addition, we will take the time to talk to you about your needs so we get the tubes right.

Let us know if you require our copper tube swaging service or any of our other ways to adapt tubing. We assure each customer we will deliver high quality products every single time.