ERW Tube Drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a specialist establishment based in the West Midlands. We have a team of expert technicians that provide a plethora of useful tubing services. This includes ERW tube drilling. Everyone here has a considerable amount of training and knowledge. Because of this, we know the ins and outs of every service, and can meet all of your requirements.

How effective is tube drilling?

ERW Tube DrillingThis is an incredibly handy service because it can save a great deal of effort and time. It works by giving precise, clean holes. Thanks to our expert drilling gear, customers receive a professional cut every time. Additionally, we use clamps to make certain that your tubes don’t bend or turn while we are working with them.

Professional tube drilling can offer you solutions for all sorts of services. Examples include automotive parts and free formed furniture to name a few. There are also many other potential benefits. Thanks to the pre drilled holes, assembly can happen far more easily and quickly. This can speed up your whole process.

Why do people like ERW tubing?

If you are wondering what makes ERW tubing in particular such a great product to use, let us tell you.

The tubes are usually mild steel, one of the most popular substances for sections. It is especially well known because you can cold form the metal sheets by rolling them. As soon as the ends meet, it is possible to weld them together to generate the final tube. Here the type of welding is electric resistance so there is no use of flames or any addition of filler material. All of this is possible because the material is softer than the average steels. At the same time, it has good strength.

Another reason why ERW steel tube is an excellent choice is that it is not as brittle as other steels. There is also the higher ductility thanks to the fact there is only around 2% carbon in the metal. Since this is the case, you can adapt and bend the tubing pretty easily. Something to remember here is that the material’s flex means it is not appropriate for structural applications like beams and columns.

The main reason for ERW steel’s use has to be that it is relatively inexpensive to use. This is one of the biggest bonuses for manufacturers. As we have already said, it can be cold formed. Moreover, it is easy to weld. Both of these facts work to keep costs to a minimum.

Professional ERW tube drilling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is the most experienced provider of tube alteration services in the UK. We know what to do to get the right results for our clients, regardless of their industry. If you need bespoke tubing for any application, we are the company you should work with.

Anyone who has any questions about our experience or services like ERW tube drilling can contact us. We are always ready to offer knowledge and provide advice. Expect a top quality service from our establishment.