ERW Tube Expansion

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd helps clients by giving them the finest tubing manipulation and bending services. ERW tube expansion is one of these. We are able to serve the entire UK thanks to the purpose built facility we operate from. It is only a short distance from Junction 3 of the M5. Not to mention, this facility has some of the best manipulation equipment and tooling to ensure we offer great results.

First class tube expansion

ERW Tube ExpansionThis process is where we use a multitude of tools to open up the tube end. It enables users to utilise their tubes in a variety of new ways. Your tools will have a leak proof, snug fit onto other tube or various fittings. It is possible to achieve this result using two separate methods.

Ram forming expansion is the first of these. It utilises a dedicated, tapered die that acts similar to a mould. The manufacturer uses huge pressure to force the die into the tube’s end. Doing so physically compresses the tube wall, increasing the inner diameter. Your die shall be of a specific size and diameter. Since this is the case, it is only capable of generating a range of diameters for specific models of tubes.

As for the second method, it makes use of a hydraulic expanding die. Once you open it, you can expand the finger style segments to all kinds of lengths and diameters, up to a maximum. Such an option provides us with superior flexibility in range and size. It is possible to open the hydraulic die as little or as much as you wish to. You will have a far more specific measurement.

You are free to carry out tube expansion on the majority of metals, including different types of steel, copper, brass, and more. We can expand them up to 5/6mm in thickness and 150/160mm in diameter.

The special qualities of ERW tubes

To offer ERW tube expansion, we have to begin with the tubes. We love this particular kind of tubing for several reasons. For one thing, these are some of the most economically accessible forms out there. The costs are considerably lower than many other types.

Another excellent advantage has to do with the ERW tube’s shape. With rolled production methods, you can only really create circular tube. Thanks to the ways in which ERW tubes are created however, it is possible to manufacture the likes of rectangular and square tubing. There are several applications where you will need non-circular tubes, and ERW models will definitely help.

Expert ERW tube expansion from our team

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we always strive to meet the highest standards with every service we offer. With tube expansion for example, we have versatile techniques that can give you a tight fitting joint. Our skilful and intelligent team can take on whatever project you bring to us. Moreover, our people can work with various shapes of tubing.

So, feel free to contact us if you would like to try ERW tube expansion or any other service. We will help you however we can.