ERW Tube Manipulation

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is a major player in the tubing industry. We have a fantastic reputation for our high calibre services. This includes a myriad of specialist options to make sure clients get the exact tube they need. Standard tubes won’t always be enough to meet your needs. It is here where our ERW tube manipulation can really help.

If you are currently in need of a professional and reliable tube manipulation service, you are in the right place. We have been performing this type of work for years. Due to our experience, we have the skills to offer you the finest solutions. This makes us a first class provider, able to assist businesses across the country.

This service is useful in many sectors

ERW Tube ManipulationManipulation is a highly versatile service, being useful in all sorts of sectors. It has a massive array of industrial and domestic purposes. To give an example, it can generate public transportation fittings, heating tubes, refrigeration components, furniture, barriers, and railings. Using the best equipment, we are able to accurately and effectively manipulate tubes. Consequently, we can deliver the excellent results that clients expect from us.

The key to good ERW tube manipulation is understanding the properties of mild steel. This is actually one of the most popular substances out there for making tubes. One of the reasons why people use it is that they can cold form the sheets by rolling them. When the ends meet, you can weld them together to produce the final product. This work is possible since the metal is somewhat soft when you compare to other steels.

Less brittleness, more flexibility

Another advantage of using mild steel for tubes is that it is not as brittle as other substances. It also comes with better flexibility. This is the case because the metal only has about 2% carbon. As such, you can adapt and bend it quite easily.

The biggest reason why people like mild steel though is its cost effectiveness. Manufacturers in particular are aware of this fact. Also, the metal is easily weldable and can be cold formed, such as ERW tube manipulation. This is beneficial because both keep costs to a minimum.

Something else that is important to note about mild steel is that its corrosion resistance is low. This means that the metal will need some variety of protective coating, galvanising, or painting. If you are going to use this metal where there is a high risk of corrosion, it is preferable to give it a proper finish.

The ERW tube manipulation experts you need

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