ERW Tube Ring Rolling

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has been working hard for many years to provide the best tubing possible. To do this, we perform several tube manipulating techniques. ERW tube ring rolling is one that we are particularly known for. We have existing clients that recognise our value and continue to work with us to every time they need quality items.

How does tube ring rolling work?

ERW Tube Ring RollingThis is a manipulation process where we bend tubes into curving sections. With ring rolling, we have what it takes to create versatile components for all kinds of industries. We can make everything from automotive springs and heating coils to spiral staircases. If you need us to, we can produce some large steel rings too.

There is more than one way to roll the tubing. Possible approaches include machine and hand, and cold and hot manipulation. Whatever method you choose, it will provide constant curves, even with the most robust of metals. In addition, it won’t flatten your tubes. We provide all of these benefits when we offer ERW tube ring rolling.

Mild steel is an excellent tubing material

The key to getting the right tubes is to select the most suitable material. Mild steel is one of the most popular substances. This is because it offers some really good advantages. For one the metal is relatively soft if you compare to others. That is great for ERW tubing because it means manufacturers can easily roll sheets of the steel into a tube shape before welding the seam. This is a low cost way to create products.

Another positive to using mild steel is how robust it is. In fact, it is less brittle than several other substances. Not to mention, it comes with better flexibility. It only has roughly 2% carbon, less than other steels. Therefore, we can adapt and bend the tube pretty easily.

A cost efficient solution

The fact that mild steel is cost efficient is the primary reason behind its use. Manufacturers are well aware of this detail. As we said above, it is cheap to produce. You also get savings because it is simple to manipulate and easy to handle and install too. Overall, if you have budgetary limits, ERW tube may be the best option.

Think about corrosion

What you should remember though is that mild steel does not have the best corrosion resistance. To overcome this, you need to paint the metal. Alternatively, you can give it a protective coating or galvanise it. You must give the steel a suitable finish when you need ERW tubes for environments that cause corrosion. They won’t deteriorate rapidly this way.

Get in touch with our expert team for ERW tube ring rolling

Our team has always strived to offer top tier tubing products. With all of our excellent services, we have no problem doing so. We can do that even for challenging applications. What’s more, our assistance comes for some very affordable prices.

So, if you have your eyes set on first class tubes and need ERW tube ring rolling you can rely on, feel free to reach out to us. You can call or send an email. We will be happy to answer any queries you have as well.